Why does offerup continue to allow people to sell pot?

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@morehousemarkI assumed this issue was addressed in PMs with @Mj_206 as well as her response in her last post, so as far as I’m concerned this issue is over. and back on topic. 😎🇬🇧🔚



@Hypothetically speaking of course as I've sent Mj_206 a PM message about this, if @tdeluiz45 can ever come back to the community while not only abiding by the rules, policies or procedures, forum guidelines especially in regards to reporting Prohibiting Items the right way if he'll ever welcome here again..As only then will the issue be truly resolved.

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@morehousemark1, when you click the report link on the item it has several choices to choose, I'm making sure I choose the correct one.
2. Anyone who posts **bleep** for sale online has serious issues and needs to be reported to the cops. How do you know they are depressed etc..unless you know the people posting **bleep** for sale on Offerup



And my apologies to you if I was wrong, but I saw your comment to be a personal attack on us for commenting on behalf of tdeluiz45 while saying "LOL" as if it was funny. But have a nice day!!!

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Your welcome @BrightMoonstone
Yes exactly! I figured you knew what I was referring to. 👍😎🇬🇧🔚



Now is Cannabis and feminized seeds worth reporting as Prohibited Items???

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@morehousemark yes report anything that’s posted in the app for sale that related to weed through prohibited Items. 😎🇬🇧🔚
I'm also reporting those that ask me if I will trade for fed illegal substances!
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  Its more than " just a few actors", at least here in Oregon it is. I constantly see pipes and bongs posted they are prohibited items, still see weed sold, and constantly asked if I accept weed for trades. I used to report them all the time but it seems to do no good. So, please don't downplay the issue like its few and far between when it is on a daily basis from countless people. To say its a few bad actors is about as far from accurate as you can get. Thanks 

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Why on earth would you even care about what other people do if it’s not hurting you?? Get a grip
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@Squonk like @Mj_206 Community manager said, we don't allow for these items because OfferUp strives to be a family-friendly app, open to users 13 and up. The general rule of thumb is that if a 13-year-old can't legally purchase the item, it likely won't be allowed on OfferUp. This is also why we don't allow for items such as BB Guns / Airsoft guns (some states you have to be 18+) or Vapes or vape accessories. 😎🇬🇧🔚
In all actuality it is going to hurt alot of sellers on Offerup when people come on here to buy and search for items and see a bunch of weed plants, edibles and paraphernalia for sale. Age restricted items don't need to be on the site.
I really get sick of the amount of people asking me if I will trade my items for weed! It's just as annoying as the amount of people asking me if they can smoke a 5 pound quartz crystal. 😕