Why does offerup continue to allow people to sell pot?

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What's the point of reporting it when all you get is a auto!atically generated email., and the post stays up. I reported someone selling weed plants yesterday morning, then again around 2 pm (same post it was still up), I ended up reporting the listing and the seller 4 times  and the last time I looked the post was still up

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Hi @jd41 Hows it going,,,,,,,,,,have you reported it to the police ,,,,,,,you could go federal on it and report it to the DEA

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Are you joking? Offeup says to repot items they are supposed to remove them. I shouldn't have to go to the police to get offer up to do what they say. Besides the police would think I was crazy and tell me to report it to the site. They are the ones who can remove it. Before you say that isn't so, it has happened to me before. Not about anything on offer up, but with an old roomate. He stole so!e of my stuff when he moved out. I called the cops. They told me it was a civil matter not a criminal one. That since he had been my roommate it was a all dispute and I would have to take him to civil court. Apparently there is criminal theft and non criminal theft. I just think the cops are lazy someti!es

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You guys all need to get off your high horses and stop telling on people. How old are you and how boring and lame your life must be to spend all your time going thru the offer up app and reporting people selling pipes. Your really helping the drug problems our country has I’m sure. Your snitching and taddle tailing isn’t going to help out at all and as you can see it’s not even getting posts removed. It just makes you look petty and why not try to make a difference where it really needs help like the meth and opiate crisis our nation has. People that go after a herb that is legal in multiple states but probably smoke cigarettes themselves are just hypocritical and annoying.
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@Gio75 we don't allow for these items because OfferUp strives to be a family-friendly app, open to users 13 and up. The general rule of thumb is that if a 13-year-old can't legally purchase the item, it likely won't be allowed on OfferUp. This is also why we don't allow for items such as BB Guns / Airsoft guns (some states you have to be 18+) or Vapes or vape accessories.

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Gio75.

Well, that was just a bunch of comments that reeks of many assumptions and conclusions that seem to be based on narrow thinking. However, I still appreciate your input.

Surely you recognize this has nothing to do with our Nations great drug problems. Has nothing to do with how young or old members are. The excitement level of ones life, or lack there of also, have no bearing either. It doesn't even matter how you or I, or any other user feels about marijuana. It's simply about the rules and TOS of OfferUp.


Most things I report, I can honestly say, I see get removed. Your free not to report if you choose....your not forced to. I think those who choose to be proactive in helping to enforce OfferUp's rules won't be swayed by being called, "hypocritical and annoying".

Because what makes the forums great is everyone is entitled to their opinion and expression with the rules. We can simply agree to disagree.


I do hope you'll check out other topics and stay engaged.

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@Mj_206 If that were really true, they'd all be gone already. 


smoking in parks is the bee knees.

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just wondering why Angelo in Las Vegas is continue to post his moon rock for 30 grams on offer up after I have reported him numerous times
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USA #1 if Trump is okay with selling pot so my are you anti-American. People need to make a living if we don't buy it from people in the United States the Mexicans will come in and sell it. Be supportive of your own country for change