Why is it hard to sell my items on thos site?

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I wonder what I am doing wrong? I am getting views on my items but no offers. I am completely new to this so I was just wondering what I may be doing wrong.
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Sometimes it takes a while to have the right buyer come along. I am the same way. I had a person message me today about something I've had up for a few months.
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Hey there @Afoote1007!
I thought the same thing when starting with OfferUp.
@aidenholley is correct on finding just the right buyer for your item.
In my case... even when posting items on the FREE category, my views can reach up in the hundreds sometimes. Then you have about 20 show real interest, 10 that communicate, 5 that are for sure, maybe a no-show...but you only need "1" who comes through! Smiley Happy
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I’m wondering that same exact thing..