anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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14 and starbucks?How did that sound like 100 dol lars.and say it slow in case they hear it different i.want to see it face to face?What is a problem is some people are crazy,like mental.issue nuts not just high on something..quit meeting at home,unless big item no choice,and dont bend to.their schedule desperate ,price either.List a good deal and stick to it knowing best u can do.and if both satisfied then its right.DISCERN
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For Reals.Its not any different if messages and notification adds the personal clock and alarm that syncs the deal and gives a time u said u would meet somewhere.When both phones go off with mesage that it is meet time.With One Question ,R You Where Map Location Agreed Time Is Placed?And have the location not only said .one suggesting can get yes,program it on a drop pin part in both have private view of the length of time from where they are,and where they are to be at what time.
Lowballing,I am not a used car dealer.reach a deal in phone long before i get out and meet you.I sold the riding lawnmower,not this app,but same deal..i couldnt see having people here often but a lawnmower,fridge?.sometimes u have no choice.
Finally snap a pic then with clothes ur wearing that day,Ur profile can be ur best or worse while what they look today maybbe nothing like the day of profile
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I hear your frustration but my solution is simple and works for me.


Generally I sell my items at a fair price with a discount already in place as I require people to come to me to purchase the item.  I don't meet people anywhere. I won't budge from that price.  I've asked people to leave when they played any games regarding money.  I mean it.


Sometimes I list items as price is firm and additionally state so in the copy.  I DON'T BUDGE.  When they message me I remind them the price is firm.


I once spent a full year selling a new watch on Craigslist until I got exactly what I wanted for it.  Eventually someone will come along and pay you what you want.  Stick to your guns.


Another thing to do is always list things higher then it makes the buyer feel good when they haggle and you agree to go lower.  Some people are just wired that way.  

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See I don't do that.  I would have let those two stand on the street all day long picking apart everything wrong with the vehicle while I went back inside and watched TV.  It's a $400 vehicle, not a $4,000 vehicle.  There SHOULD be a level of common sense that says I'm getting a junk yard price here don't expect a very functional vehicle.  


I would have countered with $425 for wasting my time.

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Yes!! This has happened twice!! It’s so annoying. They agree to the set price and both buyers who did this said they needed to pay less once we met because “they had to buy gas”. They should have figured that out before and communicated it before we met.