anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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I have no problem haggling over price wIth potential buyers. a little give and take is apart of sales. It's when you and the buyer agree on a price and set up a meet and then they want to change the price again. The most common line I get is they had to get gas or don't have that amount on theM. Come on people, you agreed to a price ahead of time. There is no excuse to not show up with enough money and the exact amount. It is so frustrating because they know most people won't walk away from a sell after investing te setting it up and going to meet up, that they will take the loss of 5 or 10 dollars off the agreed upon price so the whole deal wasnt a complete waste of time. I know have in the past. I realized though that it wasn't rude to say no and remind them they agreed to a price ahead of time. Some people are cool with that and some act all offended as though asking for the agreed upon price and not going lower makes me a jerk. Like they are the ones bieng screwed. And don't think confirming that the price agreed upon is final in chat means people won't still show up and attempt to goyge you more. If it happens to me now I tell them I can wait there's bound to be an ATM somewhere near by. Usually once they see I'm not going to consider taking less they miraculously have t
All the money. I guess what I'm trying to say is you don't have to be a doormat and let ppl take advantage of you to make a sell. Sometimes you lose a sell, but there will always be other buyers. And I found that a lost sell now and again is worth keeping my self respect.
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I have all my items picked up at my home so I don't lose gas or time. Safety isn't an issue. I've got that covered. I did have a man show up yesterday and say "but you said $20". I wasn't budging. I have had SO many no shows it's ridiculous. I sugar coat nothing with people. I spend hours listing and answering questions, scheduling pickup and I now turned the tables. You get no respect when you let the customer slide. If I wheel and deal, it's because I chose to not because of the sad story. Anybody can make up sad stories but it isn't going to be on my dime. Sounds harsh but it's actually called BOUNDARIES.
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I also have a lot of pickupS at my house as I don't drive. But meet buyers if it's within biking distance. I agree that sticking to the prepickup price and not worrying about buyers excuses is best because if someone can negotiate a price and agree to that price before meet only to show up and have seemed to mysteriously forgotten they agreed to a set price and try and make a lower offer has no respect for you the buyer. Like the guy who bought the van I was selling. He messaged me asking for location, he definitely wanted it, had the $ 400 cash in hand . Just like that no questions no asking for lower price. So I say ok and then he shows up with a mechanic friend and they spend the next hour discussing with each other all what's wrong , needs fixed and how much the repairs would cost. All for my benefit. So he says are you set on the price and would take 375 cause that all he had on him. I said yeah but thought you agreed to and said you had 400 cash. I let it go because by the time I finally got the money they had been here over an hour. It was after 8 pm and I just wanted them to go.

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The best is when they say "it looks worse in person than it did in your profile" and want to drop the price. I just tell them it's fine if they don't want it as I have other offers (which is often true). Not to mention they may have driven out there and spent an hour but keep in mind that's also an hour of your time that they are consuming as well
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Yes! I was selling barstools for 100 and this lady looks at me and says I have a 10 bill and 4 singles and a Starbucks gift card. I said they are 100 total cash, she says, oh ok! Grabs 5 $20 bills and gives it to me! I guess you can’t blame her for trying 😜
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Thats funny. It's like some people get amnesia in the time it takes to go from fist contacting you and agreeing on price to meeting to make purchase. At least paid what you want
Wanted. And I have happened people try and trade me stuff with less cash too. They could save everyone some time if they just do that when they first make an offer. I think they think it's harder to say no in Person compared to in message.
I totally agree with your post. Some people act like we’re just on here selling old junk and will take anything we can get for it. It’s so disrespectful. Like you, I put a lot of time into my pictures and postings and descriptions and making sure everything is accurate. I’ve had a lot of people try to BS me in many different ways, and you’re right, the only way is to stand your ground. I hate when people show up and try to haggle when a price was already agreed upon. In the rare instance that there is a scratch or some defect with the item that hadn’t been noticed, I can negotiate. But when the item is exactly as pictured and described there is no reason to offer less once you get there. They are just trying to save themselves a few bucks by banking on the fact that you won’t want to miss out on the sale. And many of them will try to come up with any lame excuse they can to justify it. For example, looking at an item and saying, “oh I thought it was bigger.” Even when measurements were included! I think there should be a way to REPORT people who do that! Other buyers can then have a heads up on what they’re dealing with.
@jd41 i’ve had similar situations. It is frustrating and usually I will stand my ground on the price, but sometimes you just want to get it over with and get them to leave! I can’t believe they were there for that long. I would have lost my patience much sooner lol
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@LetsMakeADeal yes I totally agree with everyone, I do agree there should be away of reporting them, I’m sure if we keep this topic going maybe OfferUp will run with one of the suggestions offered here. You never know 👍

@LetsMakeADeal I hear you. All of this feedback you all are providing gives us a great starting point and I love hearing first-hand situational examples as to why certain requests would be a great idea Smiley Happy that way I can relay that to the team so we can build new features to make OfferUp even greater.