anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t


YES, although this occurrence is not specific to OfferUp.  i've had it happen when selling items on craigslist or fb marketplace in the past.  someone messages me about an item, we agree on a price, and they show up and say, "i only brought this much money" or "i thought you'd take $xx". sometimes they put a guilt trip on you because "i came all this way to buy the item".


this actually happened to me last week, someone shorted me a couple bucks on a sale. i know i should have told him to come back with the full agreed-upon price, but i didn't want to get huffy over like $2. i did tell him it was a rude move though, and not the way to do business.  actually, i'm kind of getting upset about it in retrospect, haha. 


the problem i see, and i have had a lot of positive selling experiences here and elsewhere, is just that a certain percentage of buyers don't really understand basic business rules & etiquette. pretty sad.

dude, get real man the transaction isnt final untill its final, If you want to lock in a price then get paid in advance (paypal mabye) maybe offer up is not for you try ebay if you don't want to negotiate until the sale is finalised , or here is a suggestion dont sell your item to the person if you BOTH don't agree anymore.

sure - except that many people agree on a price, given that the item is in a certain expected condition, before meeting. i'd say that's the 2018 version of a handshake agreement.


what do you think would happen if you went to an auto dealership, neotiated a price with the salesperson, shook on it, then then when it came time to sign the paperwork you said you wanted to pay a few thousand less than the agreed-upon price? that's a really bad look.

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What I do is 1 hour before meetup send a message to comfirm our meet time and location. Then ask them to bring exact change,because I don’t carry cash. Try this approach. It’s been working for me. I also state that if I get no reply back, I take that as your not interested. This helps with no shows.
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, you answered yourself. If no big deal to shave off few dollars to dump your inventory than go ahead and sell; otherwise just walk away. Happens to me too.
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I know this is an older thread, however this still seems to be an on going problem. I even think one of their strategies is looking for new and inexperienced sellers.
Once was enough, I'm not letting that happen again.
A couple of things I do is to reiterate the price of the product and to ask the customer to bring the exact amount (again I mention the price) and say that I dont carry change.
Of course, I'm polite about it and i thank them 😁
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I think this is great advice. Even direct them to where the similar item is being sold for a much higher cost, so they can see that they have a choice, and that you’re the more honest, bargain-friendly choice!
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First, I just joined offer up a month ago, so, I’m figuring it out along the way. BUT a few days ago a woman had a pair toddler boots for 10$ (I don’t have a lot of money atm and my daughter needs winter boots) I asked her if 5$ would be ok then she asked when we could meet. I met her the next day (30 min drive) . I walk over to her Lexus Suv to exchange the 5$ and she says they’re 10$. I explained that I asked if 5$ would work in my message and she literally said “ I didn’t say ok” :/ I mean is this common? That was some BS! I gave her the boots back and said thanks anyway and walked back to my car. After I processed what had just happened I sent her her message saying she used very poor showmanship on her part and that it was very uncool to let me drive that far to tell me she wasn’t agreeing on my price! Ugghhh. Does this happen often!?!?
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@Lisseranne the kind of car a person drives doesn’t mean they are wealthy and honestly has nothing to do with your transaction (they can be hard up for cash also). I will agree that they should have sold them for $5 instead of $10. Sometimes people don’t notice every word that’s written in messages. I’ve never had that happen. Maybe before you meet next time message them asking “is $— still the amount you will take?”
I think you have every right and should not agree to the lower price for the reason you stated, an agreement was made, but also so this doesn’t become a “learned” tactic that more people start using. If they think you’re a jerk,
Who cares? You won’t see them again ... they are likely just mad they’re “scheme” didn’t work which reflects as anger to you. If someone did that to me I would say something like “oh that’s a bummer, well I have other buyers interested who (if true) could pay the price I agreed to so unless you want to go get the rest of the money and come back, I’m sorry this didn’t work out, maybe if this happens
Again it would be wise to message the seller and let them know to see if that’s ok to prevent a wasted trip like this”. You had an set price, you every right to give them the opportunity to come back, especially mentioning why they didn’t contact you first.
If they complain about the drive, then definitely say “you should have asked me but from your frustration it seems you were under the expectation the price would be lowered and drove here planning to pay the lower cost so I’m sorry you didn’t call first”
Don’t feel bad, 9/10 times it was intentional I assure you, because who wouldn’t call .....?