anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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Ya, it has happened to me only when it was like something major. If a potential buyer is shuffling feet or changes their fund offer, it's not meant for them. Truly I have had garage sales, a customer wants a 5.00 item ( that is worth say, 20.90) for 3 or even 2.00. I look them right in the eye and let them know they don't have to buy it. They are the one who took the time to drive to the sale. The more assertive, and communicative the seller is, i.e. place in description-please do not change price agreed upon unless something major (seller discrepancy ) is incorrectly described. Just a thought.
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As a seller I think everyone has that bottom price they willing to go to in the back of their head when the buyer shows up. For me all it takes is one wrong move on the sellers part & that’s it, I won’t drop it. I’ve learned that it will always sell somewhere if I’m willing to wait, besides there’s plenty of other outlets to sell. Therefore I stand my ground & if they persist then I’ll get blunt & direct. I’ll never see them again so why do I have to take an expensive pay cut? All the games of someone else has it for less, or my friend really knows these & says it’s expensive, well then have him buy it over there. If they’ve traveled here to buy it & want me to drop the price for their time & gas I always say it’s unfortunate that I wasn’t closer but you didn’t have to look so far from home for this product. If they were a repeat customer, well chances are they’re getting a better price from me because I appreciate the business. I’ll happily knock some down then, most likely I’ll offer up the lower price before they ask.
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I think how difficult a buyer or seller can be will be and is largely reflected in their ratings already. Unless their accounts are new of course. The good thing about OfferUp is that it is an open platform, but that also means people of all types can use it, so most of us just rely on experience to tell from just chatting if someone will try to pull something when we meetup or not and make a decision if the sale might be worth it. I personally don’t see how OfferUp can vett every profile, it’s just like using Craigslist’s and similar sites, there’ll be some difficult people and that just comes with the territory.

one other thing, I don’t know if others share this feeling, but when I make a sale or buy from someone and had a bad experience I tend not to initiate a review because although I might want to give them a low rating I know that if I do that they would give me a bad rating as well even if I was professional the whole time.
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I agree a little five and take is fine but it's the lowballers that urk me you list it for 60 they offer you 20 and like you said when you meet them they want to change price again here's what I do I just leave I tell them this is the price we agreed on I already lowered it for you that's final it you don,t have the money it's a waste of gas for both of us but I also report them I sell only new items i,m not giving them away when they pull that I report them thanks Tom
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RULE #1 Customers always arrive with the exact Asking Price in cash, or have it in their ATM.
Nobody will waste time/gas without having the right amount. Customers Plan A = ask for lower price. If you say no?
PlanB = they've brought the exact cash amount anyway.
K.I.S.S. = the money's in their pocket, now have them give it to you.
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I've had people say they will meet me somewhere and never show up. I even had one person text me after I waited for 10 minutes to come to her house. I refused of course.
I will wait 15 minutes after that, if you don't text or show up, I'm gone.
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I know what you mean that's why I don't leave my house until I get a message saying they're on the way.
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Sellers should never lower the price when they meet up with a buyer after a price has been set. This starts a precident with buyers will continue to offer lower prices at the meetup. 

A few times when someone lowball me with an lower offer I have counter with a offer more then we agreed on. Shuts then up real quick. 

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Sugar coating things is apart of sales, buyers want to believe they are getting the best possible deal and 1 way to reiterate that is to tell them what the product goes for and making them understand the value if they were to otherwise buy it elsewhere.  They leave knowing that they got the best possible deal available and come back more often then not.

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