anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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I was selling a very expensive professional-grade mountain bike called a Sram. We had a set agreed-on price when the woman came out she started haggling I told her the price can go up if they can go down as well and told her the price was 275 and I would not go down any further when I started walking with the bike down the driveway see chase me down with money in hand. I was truly ready to let the deal go after her haggling incessantly for 5 minutes and she did not heed my warning she is actually lucky she got the bike 4 to 75 because I was truly ready to pack it up and wait for the next buyer or just fix it myself and make more money from it
Never let anyone get that **bleep** off after they agree to a price make them stick to it or tell them to kick rocks an walk away
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Typically, I will forego the sale if I "feel" that the buyer has a "strategy" of dickering on price after the deal was made. I'd feel worse, tho, if I allowed gave in and allowed myself to get manipulated. Rather lose the deal...
I did have a successful interaction with a buyer once that I'd like to share.
I had a silver plasted antique candelabra
I was selling. Marked it for $10,.and she asked if I would take $5. My response was that it's a beautiful and interesting pierce that the $10 dollar was already a deal. But, I said, when you come see it, if you don't agree that it's worth more than my asking price, then she can decide what price seems the most fair to her.
She immediately put $10 in my hand.
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I Know your point of view and your frustration, I Do That Exactly I Don't 🚗 Drive Due for Medical Issues But the Safaty Protection it's All Taking Care for My Own Safety 24/7 Its Like I Have A Body Guard With Me At All The Time-LOL jajajaja But Been Part of OFFERUP its Been Lighting Up My Life Ever Since I Stared Selling My Little Things. Thank You to Offer UP.

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I resolved this type of issue by meeting in a nearby Gas Station and only heading over to meet once I hear they got to the place AND they tell me their car model/type. I still report and block all buyers that bid and then do not reply or don't read that an offer is firm and make 1/2 Price offers...
How do you STAND your ground? THIS guy contacted me and was very angry , he ended up reporting ME due to not getting his way. Offer up ended up removing my post. That was unfair. How can you prevent that?
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I've never heard of Offer Up removing a post because of a buyer complaint. I've seen them remove posts that could have been considered offensive, illegal, counterfeit but not because a buyer reported a seller. Ive reported many sellers and buyers and they are still on Offer Up. Just repost your offer and block anyone that gives you problems..
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We just sold a vehicle and they did the same thing to us. They start telling you well it's going to need this and that. What they are doing instead of them asking you is that a firm price . After all that is wrong so they want you to go lower than you are asking. I tell them this is not a new vehicle. If they don't want to pay what you are asking then fine let them leave.
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@Anad That's awesome!

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Wow...incredible! :-/