anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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There's appropriate negotiation and then there's outright lying. I only respect the first approach. The second erodes trust in the whole process and affects the integrity of this site.
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Yup. At the end of the day it’s about negotiating. Buyers want to save and sellers want to make as much as possible. The one who knows how to get there will win the chess match of negotiation on the sale. Once I met a guy to buy and when I got there I realized I didn’t have change and got the item for $40 instead of $50. He was cool with it but I’ve also had difficulty getting people to respond to their own ads. That’s probably one of the most frustrating things. I was looking at an item and messaged the lady, no response. Waited a week and messaged the lady again, no response. Waited 3 weeks and messaged again, no response. Even checked to see if she’s posted new items, nope. 🤨
I’m like why is this still here if you don’t want to sell it? Is this an inactive account? I won’t let people come to my house because I don’t trust them. Granted I live in a neighborhood where an unfamiliar car sticks out like a sore thumb and my house (including my garage) is monitored by cameras so if someone did decide to do something stupid I would see their face in HD living color, and so would the police.🤙🏽
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I had a bad experience with a couple that came to look at a dresser that I had for sale. I listed the measurements in the description. They arrive, and the wife immediately says, "it looks bigger in the pictures." She proceeded to negotiate the price based on the fact that they "drove far.". They had my address before they left home. It wasn't that far and they could have decided not to come. When they left, they started bombarding me with messages to lower the price from $80 to $50. I felt like I was being harassed, so I reported and blocked them. It was awful. It went on for at least an hour before I put a stop to it.
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You can report them, but the other buyers don't know that. It makes their rating drop though. If they don't have a 4 or 5, I don't deal with them. It's not worth the drama!
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I wish I was more firm like ya’ll seem to be. I never meet at my home so when I meet someone and they offer me less or make-up a reason to pay less, I always say okay. Next time I’m going to try using these tips and stand my ground. 👏🏻
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Hello @Shelley65,

Standing your ground and being firm to strangers does not come naturally to everyone but it is a skill that can be improved. Taking that first step is difficult but as long as you remain respectful and professional you can do it.

Heart First, set the stage (firmness) upon initial text conversation with buyer.

Heart Before meeting remind buyer of the agreed upon price, time & location.

Heart Upon meeting state your price. If they are persistence on a lower price you restate your price. I will ask: Are you going to buy it? yes or no? 

Heart Be prepared to calmly walk away if buyer is not willing to pay asking price.

YOU GOT THIS! Smiley Happy

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@Shupat  Good job lady.....!  Well done my dear.  Smiley Happy   Or another idea is in your confirmation text you can mention the following:  Thank for your interest in the ______ at the agreed upon price of _______.   I look forward to meeing with you on _(date)______.

The price is the final agreed upon price, and not negotiable.

See you on _(day)_______ at _(time)______.


Hope you are having a great day.   Smiley Happy

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@Shupat  Well, I am feverishly finishing up work, I am off tomorrow.   I was up at 3:15 this morning and left for work at 4:30am.   Whoa sister, I can't wait  until this day is OVER!!!!  Other  than that, doing well.   Its seriously cold here girl.  For So. Cal today, a mere 46 degrees and intermittant showers.   Brrrrrrrrr for us whimps that is cold lol....... Smiley Very Happy

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Where do you live in SoCal?? I'm from there. Also, what do you do for work that you have to get up so early??