anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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I have had multiple buyers try to do this to me, I accept credit or debit through my cell phone and if they don't want to use this they can go down the street from McDonalds .

I have had people want t to barter and I tell them if you don't want to pay the price I have 2 other people that want this item
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I've gotten a lot out of all these replies.
I did something once that worked really great when the price was already set low.
When the potential buyer pitched a lower price before coming to see it, I told them that it's an excellent product worth much more, and why don't they come see. If they still feel the item isn't worth the price, we can talk about it then.
The buyer came and handed over the asking price w no discussion. Nobody offended, fair, and straightforward!
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Hey @Anad,  that is an awesome success story. Thanks for sharing.

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Yea or they say ill buy it for the price ur asking if u deliver but if they have to come get it they try to go down $5-$10 dollars cuz gas..its crazy tge exscuses uvw heard
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That’s just it, if I have to deliver I feel as if I’m spending the moneys I’m trying to make in gas to get the money ummmm NOPE lol then they fail to rate me IDKKKK

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I am with you. I am not with that delivery. 

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I find that if they do show up then they are prepared to give the money you have listed. Because they took the time to show up then if you stand up to them they will pay the price or they wouldn't be there. I just say no because I know they drove and showed up knowing the price. Also if you are selling a item and you have something similar then make a deal go down on that second item because someone showed up and it gives you a chance for a double sale.
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Great advice @ShannonOfferup .

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I love the very friendly & helpful point of a nearby ATM! I would want to walk just from feeling like they're trying to wrest control in such a sideways manner. It is prob a very good deal that they agreed upon and its just snakey to try to undercut it more using dishonest reasons.I've watched people who arent happy unless they haggled it to a bone -regardless of value or even if going to help a good cause. I do love finding a bargain & I can listen to a price race being waged but I can't bring myself to offer less when I know It's already a good discount, just feels kinda rude for me. Much better I believe a deal that ends in mutual happiness. I love that you stand up for your part & wish you find no more schemers at work. Thank you for all the great advice as well, this is my 1st time selling anything and I didn't have a clue to expect this. Prepared nowSmiley Happy