anbody else have problems with buyers agreeing on a price then when you meet up they try to change t

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I’ve had people tell me I thought It would be different in person but I make my pictures very clear and details very clear so that excuse doesn’t work for me it just another person wasting me time and gas money for nothing ... I just wish there was a way to tell everyone if you don’t plan to buy anything or meet somewhere then just don’t reply or say anything and don’t hassle me on my prices they are low enough already!!!
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Great advice @ShannonOfferup .

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Welcome to the forum @JunesMoonChild , and thanks for sharing.

Just chime in if you have questions or need help.

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Totally agree! I’m new to the ‘OfferUp’ world so far but as with life I have only had a few sales! BUT all have tried the ‘cheaper when meet’ approach and so far got what I wanted originally! Other day, gentleman actually gave me more because felt nervous that I was upset with his tactic! Thanks for all the info because I think this is great!
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Warmest welcome to the forums @aecurrie84

Congratulations on your sales success. Smiley Happy

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Thank you @Shupat! I appreciate your help!

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Thank You, I will add this to my description in my adds.

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@0317  We are on the same page.

I expect buyers to inspect the item. I would not be upset or offended if buyer declines the item upon their inspection for what ever the reason (I want satisfied customers). However, I would not entertain the offer of less money for the item. 

This site seems very limited to bottom feeders and 98 percent no shows after wasting your time agreeing to a price.
I just changed my username not new user. I find very little courtesy my responders after they best your down
And never show up or tell you they changed their mind