how to not get jugged

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I was wondering the same thingSmiley Happy I think he meant "mugged".
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That's @Ashleymeagen23 an excellent idea for those who will buy phones this way!
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If you don't know What jugged is your definitely at risk to get licked it's holiday season meaning they know yall out there with it they gone bait you in and take it
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Tooken advantage of you can get got for anything
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@7figurez, haha your using a term that not eveyone is familiar with. While geeting jugged may mean robbed to you. To someone else this means getting drunk haha. Dilly, dilly!!
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Hey @Ashleymeagen23 @cyclomatic is correct that’s a great tip on the phones 📱👍
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@Hayes, I've only been here two months, level 4, why does it matter how long someone has been here. To say we can't trust someone who has been here ...let's say, a month, and let's say, a level 2, does that mean they couldn't be trusted. Ole' grandmother Puente who used to live in Sacramento, had a very sweet disposition if you were alone in the world..but she also had 6-8 bodies buried in her yard.
You never go alone, trust your inner feelings...does the seller or buyer seem friendly w inquiries made? Do they only answer 'some' of your questions? Repeat the unanswered question, do they answer?act snarky? do they 'brush you off'? I wouldn't buy from them. They seem to be hiding something. It takes gas to fill a tank, do you want someone that wants to rush you through the sale. If you are on FB and you friend a local. What precautions would you take before meeting them? Its the same thing. Use your common sense, your God, your angels, your best friend, your parent. Ask them what they would do. Follow their advice and the advice of those here. Have Fun, but be safe.
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I just decided to try this because I have nice things that I do not use and live in an apt. with limited parking, so garage sales. I do not think the amount of time should matter, either. Has nothing to do with character.
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