what's with people saying they want an item agreeing to pickup spot then don't bother to show up


My name is Billy .I have been a seller on this site almost 3 years now.And this issue has got to be the  no# 1,most aggervating of them all.It seems in hind sight a couple years ago it was not happening as often as it is today.One of the things I must keep reminding Myself is its not a directed at Me personal thing but that its just the way it is.I honestly dont think people most the time even mean to do it,Life today is just moving around Us at such a fast pace .They see some thing catches their eye so they reach out trying to get info to buy it  then they are pulled this way and that so by the next day when its time to either meet or set to meet they are a million miles away in  their thinking.If its an item that requires having them come to My home I will not give the address until they are in the car ready to roll my way .My friends We must learn to roll with the changes and stay positive.Nothing We cant handle ,nothing We aint got.Thanks for allowing Me to share.

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Wy do people say thier interested, ask alot of questions. Sometimes set appointments but never show up. Or follow thrue.
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I understand what you are saying, what **bleep** me off is setting up a time and place for meet and then they buyer never shows or responds. I believe not having my time and gas wasted is a legitimate expectation. Anyways I solved that issue. I don't leave my house until I get a message from buyer saying they are at the meetup spot. 

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This has been going on since Craigslist started.  I never meet anyone anywhere but from the comfort of my own home.  Been burned before and never will be again.

Whats crazy is that people do this even if it means they lose money. In my profession i take a $60 non refundable deposit for an appointment. I still have people not show up even though they lose that dep!
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I agree with seller212, I don't have the time and it's very rude. I don't appreciate someone wasting my time.
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Sellers really need to place a value on their time... I personally don't want to bother with answering questions, getting Low Ball Offers on "Firm" sales through messaging... ie; a $150.00 item, 'Would you take $50?' You should know by now, if they Circumvent the Firm Sale terms, they won't honor an Accepted Offer. Best thing, Pass and Block. What I originally was alluding to; I simply won't list anything for less than $20.00 and as a Seller, I don't travel to make a sale! Just doesn't make sense to spend the better part of an hour or two on a $20.00 sale!! Factor in the number of times buyers have been Late, and the number of No Show Flakes... eBay & Amazon becomes a much better place to sell... You get an offer, the buyer must Pony Up with the offer amount and when you Accept, you get that Cash Regester Sound that let's you know, you just got Paid! Shipping is so much easier than fussing around driving, waiting some place ...