what's with people saying they want an item agreeing to pickup spot then don't bother to show up

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I have this happen to me too many times. I’ve had my share of flakes
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I haven't even started yet but been in retail most of my life.. You have great ideas
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@agamez94 That's a great recommendation! Constant communication about timing, when you'll arrive, etc. is really important Smiley Happy

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I totally agree.  I live in an apartment complex.  I ONLY meet people in front of the leasing office.   I tell them to text me when they are here and it will only take me 2 minutes to get up there.  This has alleviated a great part of the no show issue.  Although I still am waiting around and can’t go take care of errands at least I am home.  I would say 20% are no shows.  How much effort could it possibly take to text “I changed my mind”?  I am afraid to leave negative feedback for these people because of possible retaliation.  It is just not worth it.  They could turn around and say I did not show And sometimes that same person might actually buy from me later.  For me I have had to use it as a exercise in forgiveness, toleration, flexibility and the mental cost of doing business.  

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Hi @R_W welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
I agree you, there’s a lot of trolls on all the selling apps. some people are so inconsiderate of other people’s time.
I also recommend the same, finding somewhere close by you to meet buyers, I also meet buyers only 2 minutes from
my house at my local grocery store, with the Starbucks coffee shop & bank inside, I also asked the grocery store and they agreed to let people selling electric items to be able to use their power outlet outside the store, showing buyers their items are in working condition. it’s very convenient for buyers and sellers, also showing great customer service from the grocery store and the sellers. the store totally understanding people’s safety as well. If the person agreed on a price and meeting place/time then doesn’t show or respond in a timely manner, I usually just report and block that person from future contact with me. In my opinion if people have a track record of no shows or responding, I don’t give them a second chance to waste my time again.
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That's just as frustrating as people lowbaling and haggling for a price and when you finally agree to terms, they Whodini on you. What was the point of trying to get to a certain price point and not following through. I guess some just have too much time on their hands?!

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It's weird yet funny how if you respond "I'm sorry I've waited long enough but I will need to leave as I can't wait any longer." I've found the non responders will some how magically respond a little later with an "ok," message. Why, I will never understand.
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Because after you said you got to go, they feel like it’s no longer their fault... you just didn’t wait long enough... and they are forgiving you by replying “ok”
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@Hotrod  Bravo.......Well spoken!   Smiley Happy

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That’s just poor behavior and unacceptable for u to wait for no shows. As if ur time is not valuable. I’m serious and wouldn’t waste ur time or mine. Are you near or in Bradley Beach if not close by?