what's with people saying they want an item agreeing to pickup spot then don't bother to show up

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Funny story I have several brand new clothes with tags still on them because I’m a impulse buyer. Anyway this girl wanted to try in my new never worn clothes. I’m not a store and if she rips it or smells it up I’m stuck with it. I’m not a boutique I’m a person and don’t have multiple outfits to try on I have one of each and state the size. Am I being too touchy? It seemed weird to ask to try stuff on.
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I have held onto this 6-12 month old highchair for only $12 from fisher price a lady jerked me around for over 2 months and I felt sorry for her she said she really needed it. Never showed up then I looked at her page and she buys this stuff cheap and doubles n triples for profit not a needy broke single mom she pretended she was I lost 2 other real buyers wasting time with her games:Smiley Sad( some ppl are inconsiderate
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I must say. Every conversation, weather it leads to meeting up and closing the deal, or waiting, never meeting, and walking away wondering what happened, is an ongoing learning experience. Along with those who post on thos forum have helped me not to go about it the same way twice. (Although i have) lol. But its getting better. Happy selling and buying.
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Research psychologists have found that the more time a person spends on the internet, the more diminished the person's ability to focus and effectively communicate becomes. There's a few TedEx presentation videos that discuss the social disconnect more thoroughly, but it's not your imagination.

That sense of entitlement, of lack of manners, is just a side effect. The problem is, everything's online these days so getting people to spend less time (so their brains can reset from EM interference) is difficult.

If necessary, permablock the no-shows.
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Hello @Conni_Smith,

Welcome to the forum.   Smiley Happy

Thanks for sharing. We do run into inconsiderate people from time to time but we also meet some pretty fantastic people along the way.


So here is my solution to the people who lead on and never show up. Let's started listing them. Like today Vince from Yukon led me on all day and wasted my time energy. So Vince from Yukon has a 0 next to his name. So Vince from Yukon people and Karen from OKC she has done it twice to me. Vince has no picture and Karen is black and probably around 25. There you go folks let's list them. Create a forum for all this lack of respect. We can do something. If offer up won't let us then we move on to say let go.
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Listing those people isn’t going to work... the “no show” rate is somewhere around 30-40%. The list will be endless and therefore unusable...
Get “TruYou Member” verification, put a decent picture (pic of yourself- not your child or pet, not your guns, not your scary tattoo..) and maybe people will be more inclined to meet on your territory or somewhere close to your place so you don’t have to waste any time if they are late or didn’t show up at all.
This worked for me, but it certainly depends on a lot of different factors (your neighborhood, price and kind of the item)
I also don’t do “meet me half way” thing or “can I pay you 50% less because I have to drive so far”....

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Shannon, I get your frustration, but like Milton said it’s not gonna work for three main reasons
1. Very small percentage of users actually read the forum
2. For those who read they may come across this list, or they may not, but if they do the list probably is irrelevant to them because it’s a pretty big country
3. If these no shows get one bad review they can just delete and make a new profile.

Milton, you must live in a great neighborhood, i would say the no show here’s more like 70%, and that’s after the 80% of buyers or sellers who won’t even message you back lol
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Responding to Craigslist Trolls comment....
If I even remotely thought I was going to have to deal with Craigslist CRAZIES I'd run as fast as I could. Literally, women AND MEN are being murdered from people on Craigslist, and that's all over the Country!
If your sixth sense ( and the hairs on the back of your neck) kicks in, you need to CEASE communications and let an admin here know right away. People have been conditioned to ignore that 6th ability, but I'm telling you it's VERY real esp in women. People tell us "oh don't worry so much" or "paranoid much???" Etc.... When you feel uneasy, what was it that made you feel that way? Tone or word choice used in your exchanges? The insistence on meeting right away before you could get another person to go with you? Go over the conversation again, when you were emailing back and forth and then when you agree to meet? With your cell phone, just like a regular phone you CAN block your number from being seen when you call the person you are selling to. And if that item IS expensive? I'd meet the buyer at say a pawn shop you trust so they can properly assess the value of the item in front of the buyer. Or have that research already printed out at home to give to the buyer. When expensive, think SAFETY first! Pawn Shops always have cameras and they usually have a big guy that looks MEAN to boot lol! For the females, if you're scared, take a self defense course, and carry brass knuckles as a key chain. Carry mace and pepper spray ( make sure they work!!!) sometimes, just the ACT of carrying those items can keep you safe.
And a word to the people who want porch pickup only??? You are begging to be robbed. On Craigslist, they would meet you at your house and then decline the sale, ONLY In the next few nights to a week, would come back to rob your home.
BE SMART and don't deny that voice saying to you "I don't know, this isn't sitting right with me" LISTEN, it's better to be safe than sorry!!!
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Excellent advice @Milton.