what's with people saying they want an item agreeing to pickup spot then don't bother to show up

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I love your quote: it's better to be safe than sorry (so true)

Have your heard this one: The door of safety swings on the hinges of common sense--


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I know it can be frustrating, I work at a junkyard and we battle the same thing.

I confirm the order the day I get the order and then the next morning I do the same.

Overkill in away, but I can't stand dry runs. I despise it.......


Now we've tested & pulled the part. Cleaned it and set it on the truck, just for a dry run.

whoooooo !!!, talk about spittin fire!



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It happened to me like a guy said he was going to come get the furniture piece I had at the time he went all the way into more then on there way. He told me from minutes even told me he was down the street. Then all asudden he stopped with messaging me and calling me back. Now when people come I have the attitude of I'll believe them when I see them
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@Redfireball  that is an excellent attiude to embrace. Smiley Happy

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i just had that issue 5 times in the last 36hrs. it drives me up a wall
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Welcome to the Community Forums @bowhunters1. Sounds like you may have some real pranksters in your area at the moment. Sorry to hear about that. Check some of the related tips about how not to waste too much time on folks like that....including scheduling meets close to your home or area so your not going out of the way to meet people.

Please take time to look around at the current conversations going on. Share your opinions, ideas and experiences with us. Throw around some kudos wherever you like. Continue to stay engaged in the Forums and help grow the community!
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I agree with what you're saying, but I am not a flake and I'm not connected to Facebook because I don't have one. I just don't have the time for it with small kids at home & school, etc.. So, im not sure that only selling to people that are TruYou verified or Facebook connected would solve the problem? But, the idea about only leaving your house when you get the, "I'm here" message is great advice.
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hi @Dea4 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,im pretty sure most of the flakes have a facebook account and a drivers license,,,,,,,being true you just means you have a drivers license,,,,doesnt mean your not a flake,,,,,,,,,,,,,but waiting till the person is there to go to the meet up spot,,,,,,,,thats not gonna work if you are selling to me,,,,,,,i want to know a time you are gonna be there,,,,,,,,and if you are not,,,,,i would only wait maybe two minutes,,,,,maybe three minutes,,,,,,,,,,if a seller wants to sell,,,,,,,they need to be at the spot at an exact time in most cases


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It is not just the buyers that do this, but I’ve found a lot of sellers that do the same. You agree on a price, then try to set up a time, then seller stops responding. Or they instantly list item as Sold! Well if you already have a buyer in the wings, I would think it would be common courtesy to let other potential buyers know. Just saying