what's with people saying they want an item agreeing to pickup spot then don't bother to show up

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I have seen this on both sides. People say They will pick up in two days so you do not sell it to other potential buyers and then they come up at the last minute and say they think they will pass or they had to talk to husband or wife and it wasn’t there style!!! Talk to your other half before you contact the seller. I had an item that started at one price and I dropped it$200.00 but the still wanted the price dropped some more but wanted me to promise it was in perfect condition(which it was) even told them to come take a look. No response! Been messing with this buyer for two weeks. Also had a $75.00 Lamp got Offer of $10.00. It getting ridiculous people thinking you can give them something. Better to go to yard sale!!!
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Its more frustrating when people say there interested then flat out no response. This happens to me with over 40% of the initial opening conversation from a customer... Very aggravating
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I rate buyers when they actually come pickup the sale item. If they don't show, I report them and move on. OfferUp seems to be the only site I have this issue with unfortunately.
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What is "Kibosh"?
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Hey @Ms_Ryan.

Here's an example:

"We used to get 3 breaks a day but our manager put the kibosh on that"!

It means to put an end or stop to something, or even someone.

Old word you don't hear as much anymore.

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Being able to rate w/o buying would be GREAT! What annoys me as a buyer - happened more than once - is i offer to buy at listed price - make arrangements to meet - then later notified (once while already said en route) & then they msg they just sold it to someone else. wtf! Or where some had lots of boxes of an item & i asked max we could buy. ignored that Q & gave me address. i said wanted 300 to 500 of their thousand. was told promised to many so could only buy 1 box. then EN ROUTE he msgs back sold it all to 1 buyer instead. again, wtf! So at times buyers suck & would be nice to rate them. or leave up post for 10 months & rude to me if i ask if still available. ugh.

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We should be able to report no shows and if they have been reported there different times by three different sellers then their should be something attached to there profile that sellers see and know not to bother with those people. This will cut down on the trolling.

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"is it too much to expect a little common courtesy these days."

in short... YES.

Don't EXPECT anything! EVER! from ANYONE! at ANYTIME!... unless you enjoy suffering.

(no human could ever satisfy all your requirements. every human will let you down, betray you, fall short and disappoint you. every one of them. that's what makes em human, just like you)

we come into every situation with our own expectations, or we leave them behind. YOU brought YOUR OWN righteous expectations into the party.

Some people were simply never taught manners. Accept reality and move on. discourteous ppl never have to upset you ever again.

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This is why I only meet at the bank 500ft from my house. No exceptions you have to come to me.
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I have actually had more luck on Craigslist than I have had with this app lol