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Yeah @RevivalGypsy I have not had any bad experiences at all selling or buying on the offerup app,,,,,,,,,i have met a few strange people ,,,,,,,well,,,,,,maybe weirdos would be a better description,,,,,,,,,both of which watched the place where we were to meet from another parking lot,,,,,,,,but i even had fun dealing with those two,,,,,,,,,,,i really dont believe in having bad experiences,,,,,,they do happen once in a while anyway though

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@BrightMoonstone we dont have any designated meet up spots here,,,and our police station parking lot is pretty much for police only,,,,,not a good place to meet,,,,,,,some people here like to meet at mcdonalds,,,,,but thats a hard place to meet,,,parking lot is packed and  its on a corner,,,,,with all the driveways leading to the driveup,,, ive only met there once,,,,wont do it again,,,,,,,,i usually meet at a hardware store parking lot,,,,and i see lots of offerup people meet across the street from where i meet in another parking lot.,,,,,,after a few meetups ,,,,,,i went in and asked the manager of the hardware store for permission to meet in that parking lot,,,,,,,,,those employees are pretty watchful of things ,,they probably wondering what i was doing out there,,,,,,i love that store,,,,its  the one store in town where the employees will take off out of the store and chase a shop lifter down,,,,,,,,as a seller i try to pick t he meetup,,,,,,,but some buyers are pretty insistant on a different location,,,,,,,,,,,most times if they meet where i  say,,,,,,,,we dont even have to get out of our cars,,,,,,,just pull up along side and do business out our car windows unless the item is too big for that.

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@0317, again, its a good thing I'm not interested in selling you anything or give a **bleep** about all the assumptions you have made about me. I never noticed the number by my name until you pointed it out. I don't go to that level of petty analysis. When I first started out, I would list items multiple times and when I sold it, I would list them all as sold. I had no idea that OU would list them was separate sales cumulatively and no intention of boosting my numbers. But feel free to make all the assumptions you want. This started out with my comment about how I deal with lowballers and my strategy is to highball them so that maybe they will FO. You choose to haggle with them and you are free to do so. I don't feel the need to make assumptions about you for doing that or post those comments in this forum. You DO.

I find that haggling with lowballers to be a waste of time. People should know the value of an item and when they offer you 50% or less is an insult. Like you post a car a little above the bluebook value and someone offers you half of what its worth. I have people offer me 50% of my items for sale and I tell them they can find a broken laptop that needs parts for their bid. They usually claim, "that's all I have" and I tell them, "find a broken one for that amount" and then they leave me alone. 

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RevivalGypsy I agree that is a "heck" of a lot of assumoptions. Problem is that people make those assumptions about others and then convince themselves it's all true and they are "right." A less judgmental person would remind themselves, "I don't know all the circumstances and therefore cannot make any assumptions about that person's behavior or comment about them." 

I have had people get "triggered" by my comments and they never realize that when they are triggered, it's THEIR issue. 

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@50Tech  if you read what i said again ,,,,,,,,,,,,i specificly told you that i could not answer your question ,,,that i could tell nothing about you from those numbers ,,,,,,,,,and then explained to you why i could not make any assumptions about you .

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@50Tech I clearly explained that the only number i use on someones profile to come to any kind of conclusions or assumptions about a seller is based on the number by the stars,,,,,,,compaired to the number of sales and buys the review is based on,,,,,,,,,,since you did not give that number ,,,,,,,,,,,i told you that i could tell nothing about you.,,,,,,,,that being said,,,,,,,,,,i can kind of get some ideas about you from your response though,,,,but they would just be my opinions

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If you have any influence with OfferUp mgmt, you might suggest they post a warning somewhere or in each add like warnings posted on craigslist. Something like "100% of buyers who want to pay with a cashier's check or to have you ship the item out of state are scams." The scammers are moving over to OfferUp now and I see the same scams, mostly in car ads for low priced cars that demand contact only via emails. That certainly has cut down on the number of scammers on CL and is a good warning for newbies on that site.

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Hi there, @50Tech! I have some influence! I'll pass this on Smiley Happy

I have actually been pitching this idea for a whiiiile now!


Edit - Now that I think about it... I think I could write up a blog on this! Stay tuned - I'll try to get something out within the next couple weeks. I've got a loooot of upcoming blogs Smiley Happy

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@0317 LOL, yes, and I have gotten a CLEAR impression of the type of person you are and all your opinions. You have a good weekend now.