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Oh and always be very clear about what you are selling. I had a very and I do mean very rude guy a few days ago. Cussed me out becasue I would not accecpt a lower offer and tried to make it sound like I was pressureing him to buy said Item. I just blocked and reported him and lucky me somebody who could read came along who did want the item I was selling .

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Thank you for the tips and advice! Very insightful and helpful as I am just starting out on OfferUp!
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DK — You have very good insight. And I agree with almost everything.

Although I would be cautious of those “stock” photos. Don’t let them always turn you away.

Example: As a seller, I use stock photos. However, I get overstock items or canceled orders directly from the manufacturer at or below cost to resale. And only sell shipped items so that there is “buyer protection” through OfferUp.

My advice is ALWAYS be cautious. But don’t pass just on issue of stock photo. Ask for other photos. Take everything in consideration and be an informed buyer.
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---Great to have you participating feedback in the OfferUp Community Forums--- Agree... always heed on the side of "Caution" 👍
However, "stock" pics are prohibited... a quick review of the TOS/Guidelines will help you "not" have your posts removed 👌 GLTU!
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WOW.. Guess I should read the fine print. Need to start changing all my post 😞

Thanks for heads up.
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Question: selling $8 item, buyer wants me to drive 20 miles. I said for $8 extra I would, no response in 15 hours. Going on to next person.
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@Maisy47 Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Maisy47 Your response to the buyer was perfect!, I would just move onto the next buyer. I personally wouldn’t drive 20 miles for an eight dollar item, even if the buyer did offer to pay the extra eight dollars. it’s not worth the time or the gas and end up with a possible no-show.
but It’s totally your call. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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@CajunDeals- 🐊
---Yup, it's always the fine print...
LOL---😊 YAVW! (You Are Very Welcome)
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@Hotrod same! I am not even a fan of driving to the Starbucks meet up 3 mins away from my house. Lol.

Here's my strategy, I list a mix of furniture and small decor items daily. Understandable that furniture would obviously be a local meet up, but small items that can ship easily, I list as "shipping only, unless multiple items to be picked up at once" or something similar. It may sound strange to some, but people may seem interested, but experience suggestions, they NEVER do drive 30 mins for a pair of curtains. And thus result in wasted time and no shows.

It also gets people to look at my listings in search of multiple items. So far it has been a good strategy. I may have lost a few $10 sales here and there, but I am not desperate to sell those low dollar items and my time is more valuable than $10.

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Thanks...really good tips!