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So Love this Quote:
"If it's too good to be true,
then it probably is"
Appreciate your contribution to the Community! Stop-by "anytime" with quotes (btw: ✔out the "WINNERS" Quotes thread), experiences, tips or what have you! 👌😀 Tyvm &
GLTU = Good Luck To You!! 🍀
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U summ it all up very well.
In order to make this site clean of any issue it's best to always report ur problems so others can learn and be cautious, if you don't already have send a place of meet in 3 min of the chat it's going no where it's best to tell those have a nice day I have the right to sell my item to anyone who I want has nun to do with religion, race , color and gender it's you who should be finding people who buys what u have u have to spend time with those people.
Ugh I have one return buyer that thinks I should take care of her before anyone else. In don't know what to do because she's a really good buyer, when she buys!! Last week she picked three items she wanted so I made her a special listing for those items, one of those items she requested that I find for her. She gave me the run around for a week with a few different reasons why she couldn't pay and then she messages me a week later and has found one of the items locally and wants me to redo her listing but one of the items she was wanting sold to someone else while she waisted a week of my time for nothing. So now she's mad. She sends me a message this morning with a list of 6 other items she wants me to make a special listing for and just expects me to hold items for her untill she decides to pay for them, or not! She says I need to text her when I have special items before I post them! I've told her a few times that I don't hold items so I don't know if I should make her another special combined listing or not after she didn't pay for the last one...
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Granted we sell different items, but I think we have the same buyer lol.
Mine is close to stalking me, but pays eventually. Its a week of nonstop work for not enough profit. Continuously! As I'm dealing with her, I make easy sales for more money with zero work. Makes you wonder if it is worth blocking 🤣 I feel for you!
@RevivalGypsy if the excuses weren't so bad I might not be so aggravated! I can't understand what's so wrong with just being honest, as I am with her. I do feel like blocking her but it makes me feel bad because she is a return buyer but it's not easy working with her when she wants to be first even if someone else has asked about a item and then wait for her to decide..I can't do that anymore so I'm going to now tell her if she wants a reserved listing it needs to be paid for in 24 hours.
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Gotta love the entitled folk!
So this lady messages me yesterday (saturday) about her package that was delivered on the 28th of last month per the tracking info but says she never got the package and wants her money back. I bring up the fact that I can file the claim on the Priority Mail insurace because it was included with Priority Mail but was only 50.00 and her item was 90.00 so I asked her to file a police report and send me the info and I would take care of the remainder that the insurance wouldnt cover. This morning (Sunday) she messages me and says the package has been sitting in the office at her apartments. Nice try lady!
Yeah, gotta love these types.
@JewelryExchange Right! After she sent the message yesterday and I tracked the package, it said delivered at receptionist/office so I messaged her back and told her what it said. She said she had already checked with the office at her apartments and it wasn't there. That's when I told her to file the police report etc..and then today (on a sunday) she finds it at her apartment office..I blocked her after that!!!
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good info didn't know a lot of this have experienced a lot of late responders are no response if they do it's a month later bad buisness