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As someone who has been using the internet since the late 1990s, I disagree with the distrust of users who have an icon of a character, religious figure, flowers, etc. In the old days, many communities had a taboo about using your real face as your avatar/icon/profile picture. Some of us are set in those old ways or some simply don't feel comfortable showing their faces online. In fact, the highest rated seller of household goods bundles in my area only has a few cleaning brands as her icon and I've purchased from her without issue. 


Some people value their privacy. Some people are dealing with stalkers who follow them, some times for years, across different platforms. Some people have severe body dysmorphia issues. And some girls fear that putting a flattering photo of themselves up may attract creeps who only want to use OU as a dating service and start accosting them in private. 


There are many different reasons as to why someone chooses not to use their real face online and most of the time it isn't insidious. 

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I'm in agreement.
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I just wanted to say thank you for putting the time into this post. You have some very good ideas and suggestions.
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Stick up people dont usually like meets at police station.tLet them know ur in front of the police substation in ur neighborhood and are ready to buy/sell.if they r legit they will see it as comfort,know.ur no harmful or shady peson,and may take ur idea and run with it.Getting the safety is worth it and soon u have the police that have seen u and may ask what u are a buying and selling, with interest in some things to buy /sell for themself.Same at firedept,anywhere a person of public authority is and u dont interfere with daily operations.
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Good advice. Bottom line, use common sense and let their messages be your guide. Scammers are easy to detect in this way.

My technique is to be assertive without being rude. I set a time and place and offer 2 alternate times right away.

I negotiate price in person only, this weeds out the tire kickers. If I get a low ball offer (less than 50% asking price)I literally reply with "f*** off" and block them. Seems harsh but they need to be told what's what. Alternatively I ignore the offer and block them, soometimes no response is the harshest.

On the flip side some sellers have have their head in the clouds on price. Instead of bursting their bubble, just smoke then out. With no offers they will eventually get the hint and lower their price. If they don't, another seller will come along.

Stay safe and have fun
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All excellent points...EXCEPT "following" people on here/ "followers" etc. I can understand following a page or two if you were keeping an eye on a price, but I usually unfollow once the item is sold. This isn't IG ot FB. Lol. Secondly, only having bought or sold a few items over a few year span isn't "shady." Some people are looking for a solitary item at a time or during certain times of year and aren't full time barterers, or flea market shoppers. I buy new when I can!
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I half agree with that just depends on what kind of police department your City is either fortunate or unfortunate to have and the neighborhood of that City as well. Cops in my neighborhood see you selling stuff out of the trunk of your car you may get lumped up and arrested before any questions are even asked. It's to bad that sadly I have to saythe biggest street gang where I live is the City police department. Mostly thuge and bullies with badges. However our county sheriff's office and state troopers are here to keep us safe and do a **bleep** fine job doing so
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Never meet some other buyers at your house meet some other place
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Although you have a point in your logic about people not using their profile pic there is also the subject that some people do not put one up for sketchy reasons. In my area there are people who sells computer and laptops. Several have pictures of a kitten/dog with over 100+ sales but below 5 ratings. What that tells me is he/she doesn't give ratings to the buyer so that he/she cannot be given ratings on the items being sold. I have messaged this person for 3 laptops and she has read it but not responded. However, I asked my friends who also use offerup (not verified, semi-new to the site) to message her and she responds almost right away. I can only arrive to one conclusion, the user is not selling to verified and savvy users on offerup but more likely takes advantage of new users seeing as they won't take precautionary measures and knowing that is an item is exchanged person to person, the buyer will never see their money back. 

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No one said use photos of your real face, which you're actually using yourself lol so maybe you should practice what you're preaching? lol unless you're using a woman's face that isn't yours which is even more creepy lol