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I do agree with you on the annoying buyers who do not read the descriptions. Forgive me, but a lot of them are lazy, stupid, and/or just playing games. Some may not speak or read English that well so they'll ask (If they want a pair of sneakers that badly, they'll use google translate). Any questions people ask that's already listed on the description, I tell them to read the description. On everything I post, I note clearly "please read the description before messaging me". I no longer accommodate or entertain a buyer's stupidity. Noawadays, people do not like to read, but want Air Jordans and Supreme for next to nothing. Most of the time, I block them, especially when they don't respond within an hour or two. I wish offerup enforces the basic buying/selling etiquettes to keep time wasters, lowballers, illiterates and other deadbeats at bay.
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Now let's get this clear I did not say to use your photo. Not implying either that this is real photo of me (or fake whichever). Case here is people are more likely to trust someone who puts a real picture, even more if they are verified. Now if I rip off someone it is also for their protection and mine that they know who they are dealing with. Both through personal meeting of the exchange and through online interaction. I Don't know why you got offended over something that is based on opinion and experience and take it as an attack to discredit users not using photos of themselves (which I assume is the reason why you are being so defensive). The topic of this convo is to give advice to future offerup users and how to protects themselves. I am merely pointing out that users with 100+ sales with 1 hand count ratings is definitely something to look out for all the more if it uses enticing images tthat may...or may not... lead people on to a false security. Now if you get offended by what i said, I sincerly apologize for hurtin you feelings. I seem to have forgotten that in these days and age feelings are easily hurt...again sorry for my insensitve experience based opinion.

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Agree with you take for example products already listed as firm they will ask for lower price. Also things your are selling that are firm AND had their prices slashed because its been weeks or months they still ask for lower and sometimes insultingly half of that slashed price. There are also those that ask for an arm and a leg to take them on your word when they have just 1-4 ratings and some even below 3 stars and below while you the buyer has already established an excellent 5 stars overall ratings in hundreds of sales.

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Not exactly sure as to what is being said. But my opinion my history of buying/selling I trust buyers more when they are 100% verified. I do not study twice if there is NO profile picture, NO verification steps taken, NO priors. Priors meaning no Sales no purchases. Meaning to me New people. Offerup is my hobby sales. I'm not going to list items I need sold immediately. Thats when it becomes unsafe. You're now rushed to Make sale to Anyone Up for grabs. Slow down pay attention if potential buyers or sellers are rushing then you've got clerical error. Safety is your number 1 priority. So if you have to question any sale besides pricing, then listen to your gut feeling which is why you're questioning it. Don't travel out of your area. Don't ship til it's Paid. Buyer's should pick up the items themselves if they want it Or pay shipping. As a seller I have my meet point if they can't meet me at my point I sell to Next. As a buyer I stay alert pay attention And Always take a someone With me. Period. No ifs ands or buts. If situation is rushed or weird back out.
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That's the funny thing though, when you are verified and you give them a location for meetup which in most cases is local and only 10-20 minutes away some give a roundabout way of sayin they can't do it. As a verified seller you know and they know in the back of their head they can trust the person. But as the buyer, they want you the seller to drop it off for them. Now I have no issue with that but when you have had no shows before you know how frustrating is to waste the time talking to someone, change your plans for that day to negotiate a meetup time, pay for the gas, and end up with someone pulling your leg.


So I tell them this, pick up only. I have already sent you the meetup location (somewhere in wide public view of course), arrange the time and day beforehand and when you get there message me and I will arrive at the location in minutes. Any other terms that conflict the meetup conditions is a NO NO. If they can't make it just message an hour before. I think you can safely say that if the buyer and you as a seller (with trusted reputation I hope) set those conditions it's fair to say that it benefits both party with a quick and easy transaction. But all in all the one that holds the power whether this meetup will happen is the buyer, all the while not wasting your time with people not looking to actually buy somethin. 

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Stock photos are never acceptable, I would put it together and take a picture but that's just me, I'm also the guy who won't sell any electronics without first having it set up for the buyer to use as they please before they buy it! This makes sure there will not be any problems with anything I sell, another thing I do is make sure everything works 100% before I post then test before they buy, several items failed the test.

Some buyers get angry about it when I'm only trying to make sure they get a working item. Acting like I owe them for gas of for their time? They can see in the pictures that the item was working, playing a disc or ejected the disc or was turned on!

I try to explain that it's better we caught it before you went home with something that's broken and had to drive back all mad and have me thinking they broke it? Plus they are out $5 in gas and I'm out $55 for that sale of that item!

I always offer a similar item at a greatly reduced price so it's not a complete waste of time and less than half are even interested in seeing it?

I'll never understand some people, those that wait for the next sale to be set up are usually very happy they did because they will always go home with a much better item.
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I’ve learned over time how to deal with these types of people on here. Had a guy offer me 40 dollars for a 100.00 item so I responded by telling him how about you pay the 100 dollars and I won’t tell your girlfriend she’s in a relationship with the cheapest guy on earth or if someone for example offers me 20 bucks on a 60 dollar item I’ll hit them back with “No I appreciate the offer, but I just sold it to someone else for 15 dollars. You can either get **bleep** off at the types of people or you can have fun with it. I know for a fact I’m getting under there skin more than there getting under mine
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There are of course exceptions to the name/ profile pic scrutiny, as my name for example is Babyboy. It's on my birth certificate. My profile pic is a staged bird attack on myself that was a pic from Facebook. I'd never considered if it would effect my dealings as both buyer and seller, it dont think it has. But then again I have some time on this platform with ratings and feedback and of course Like to be involved as a member. Just pointing out that there are exceptions and it's good to incorporate all of your points of advice instead of just one. I like your post and think it's great advice. This is my first time on the forum and had to chime in. Thanks.
Im The Essence Of Southern Utah Custom Jewlery. I've been selling on here for 1.5 years. I have 5 other places I sell my things. So when mine says 93 sales ( which should be 200+ sales cuz for some reason my accounts on the fritz and i cant get through to the customer service) with 5 stars and 13 ratings just means that I don't sale much on this sight.