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ECH: I have to agree with your key points on new sellers and stock photos. A new sellers isn't less trust worthy or honest. That's basically common sense, like you pointed out... We're all new at some point in the process. Also, stock photos are probably best with a combination of actual pics of the product. Just so the buyer can 1. Get a great vision of what they are interested in and 2. They can compare the two items as far as quality is concerned. Great idea for a "promotion of product".
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Great article & too the point! 👍
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Very informative, although i have to say that some of us with low ratings might be because we haven't been a member very long . Just saying.
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Welcome to the Community forum
Your viewpoints are definitely felt
by many OfferUp users!

When first starting selling on OU, would purchase small items from other local OU sellers to help build my 5⭐ rating.

You only really need a couple 5⭐ ratings, to at least prove you are an "actual" user. Builds rather quickly too!

Much success to you ECH!
Hope to see you around the OU
Neighborhood! 👍😉
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Been there and done that in the wee hours of the morning when I was waiting for the time to run out the clock for items I had posted for sale and a real putz sends me a real crappy low ball offer and I feel I've have the energy and some time to **bleep**, I will also submitted a equally as offensive counter offer that raised the original price of the item and play this cat and mouse game until one of us would choose to go on with our lives and stop messaging back and forth. 😂🤣