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Hi. I am new to OfferUp and I am still a little confused. After accepting an offer, how long should I wait for a response from them? I accepted an offer and someone else wants to pay more.
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Thanks for the heads up info. So far I've had 1 idiot want me to do Role play and 5 others that waste my time with low ball offers and suggest that I'm too high with my price for hand made chairs. ($87.50)
Trolls and time wasters! Lol. I feel lIke I'm dealing with preschoolers...
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Great post!! I’m brand new here and I have earned badges and made level 1 in less than three days. I see items I would like but I read only level three or higher. I was scammed on my first sale but used my own protection plan and got the Apple Watch back. How does a honest guy build a great reputation?
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Thank you for taking the time to give us all a heads up, I know most of us appreciate it
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it's hard to avoid scammers in fact it's almost impossible. I've had over 500 sales on Offerup and I can tell you I have declined A LOT of shipping sales! If people are willing to pay "extra money" and they go out of the way to have a transaction done the way "they want" and/or you get the feeling that something is not right "I WILL" decline that sale every time!!
As far as growing with Offerup, The way to grow as a seller in my opinion is to "always" be honest! If something is chipped, cracked, missing etc...always let people know and they will always come back to buy more items!
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Thanks for the great pointers! Good stuff!
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I bought from a seller with a high rating and still had a bad experience bc they never shipped my item (twice) yet they accepted my offer. Then said they would ship it on this day or that day and never did. Never replied to any of my concerns. And I even gave them another chance at shipping it but the order literally got cancelled again due to time expiring. I would like to know how to avoid those types of sellers so I can have better luck bc this has definitely made my experience go sour.