As of now my biggest issue is the buyer that makes an offer which I agree to then does not show up. This makes me so darn mad I could scream. I think if a price has been agreed on a place to meet has been agreed on then buyer is no show...that is sooo rude and shady. Cant there be some type of negative mark given to buyer? I know its not ebay but this person wasted my time my gas and mostly just left me feeling stupid!
I report those as MIA missing in action. It is frustrating though.
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I also like to add another buyer to avoid (in a sub category along with "Low Ballers)
RESELLERS: These are not much better than the broke boyz/girlz, but they'll offer half your price on purpose so they can resell it for a profit. You'll know that they will resell your stuff if you look at their page and they have similar items for sale at costly or stupid high prices than your asking price. Recently, a seller offered $30 for my $75 vintage starter jacket (mind you that my asking price was listed as firm and I noted on the description not to offer me less than my asking price). This seller had the balls to tell me "I got $30 right now" Then I looked at his page to see all the sneakers, and popular apparels that he's selling at above retail price. Are you kiddin' me?!? This is unacceptable! I don't care what you'll do with the merchandise I sell to you, but my price is my price (take it or move on, real simple)! I asked the lowballer "what type of time are you on?" and I blocked him. I'm not saying avoid resellers altogether who wishes to buy your merchandise, but know the worth of your merchandise. Don't sell it to someone for a quarter if he's (or she's) going to make it into ten dollars.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @XJeff083 mannnnnn please don't get me started...smh those type are the WORST!!! I deal with them all the time myself lol

They have the audacity to inbox you a super low ball offer on your joints that's either DS or VVNDS, excellent condition, as well as rare, yet you go on their page and they wanna wax over retail AND resale value for dusty beaters, knockoffs, and GR kicks that everyone, their mama & auntie has and is on here selling! Its literally a joke bro, all I can do is laugh.

Way too many hypocrite resellers want top dollar for their stuff yet wanna offer you bottom dollar for yours. Just so they can nickle and dime on the back end. And they are so simple minded, they really believe they're getting over by selling your stuff on their page for a few dollars more. Lol Then got the nerve to try to insult you and talk to you crazy when you don't give em their way like a typical spoiled entitled broad smh you be wanting to slap earth, wind, & fire out of these clowns but you gotta woosah & keep it cool and professional because lawwwwwd Jesus they love trying to push your buttons 😂
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@Yolanda002018 sorry for just now seeing your reply, I'd like to clarify some things you spoke on. You mentioned that my posted sounded "racist" and I was aiming my remark about ignorant messages and improper spelling towards "black people", which is very untrue and stereotypical on YOUR part, NOT mine. I'm black myself so I could never be racist, especially towards my own race. Btw, Black people arent the only race of people who are unprofessional, use "slang" as you say, talk ignorant and spell like 4th grade dropouts either. Ignorance and unprofessionalism has NO race or color. Bottom line is if you do business with someone, talk to that person how you would like to be talked to. This goes for ALL races and colors of people. Just wanted to make that very clear : )
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@Yolanda002018 now that part about certain sellers not replying and leaving the buyer on read I totally agree with. Its unacceptable and very inconsiderate. Especially if they decide to sell the item to someone else without following up with you. I've had that happen to me a few times as well so I understand how frustrating that can be. That counts as a flake just like a no call no show from a buyer. So I totally agree with you on that.

As for the low rating thing, no one said you're a bad person for having a low rating, I said you more than likely got a low rating because you did or do bad business. Yes its possible to unfairly get rated very low once or maybe twice by someone who just wanted to be a Ahole and ruin your rep, but that's a very rare case. Would you apply this same compassion if you saw a restaurant on Google thats overall rated 1.5 stars with over 100 reviews? I highly doubt it. Same applies to here. Its called law of averages, and this applies heavily in business. Let's say two sellers on the same street is selling an item, one seller has a 5 star rating and another seller has a 2 star rating, which seller would YOU buy from? Exactly.

Yes in general, it is a matter of ratings. Say your example Google has 1.5 with 100 reviews on a restaurant, of course that's concerning. And yes I would bypass that place especially knowing that they had 100 reviews... that's common sense. As for a seller on the street... if one had 5 star rightfully, then yes that would be the person I would go to verses the person with 2 stars RIGHTFULLY. but when you say ,you, I don't know if you are saying it in general terms or against me but on my end as a buyer, the seller took weeks delaying to ship an item that I paid for . Waited the 6 day wait time then turned around and placed the item up as shipped. 6 more days even after I asked cancellation because what he was selling me was a ddr2 motherboard instead of a ddr4 motherboard as he had advertised. He ignored my messages for the cancellation after I questioned why the code on his picture for the motherboard did not match the box product code and his advertisement. He just let time go passed. I spoke up with offer up and the item became unavailable after all. He claimed it was stolen from his car. But I'm sure it was because offer up contacted him.He was the one that gave me the bad review when I did everything on my part right. So why should I be penalized. That's my point. Yes people don't know what reason someone has a bad rating but certainly on this site I'm one of those rare cases and have done no bad business as you state. People do seem to be spiteful .
No one knew your race until now. You are justifying what you said by saying you are black yourself. You fooled me. It's not nothing on my part but how your wrote it and you know how you meant it. By the way I'm black and Hispanic myself and I know stereotypes very well. Maybe be mindful because there will be people that will take what you say more serious than what you think you might be saying it. And it wouldn't be their fault. Especially in a time we live now.
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