I am new to the app and have no followers what can I do to try and gain some.
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Ummm...im sorry but can you please elaborate on your role play comment? I dont quite follow
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If you have Facebook all your followers can follow you on offer up. You follow?
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Hello is anyone there?
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Hey there @I_am_Error
If you are looking to address a particular member... add @ before their username, and they will be notified. Ciao´ Smiley Wink
This was super helpful! 🙂 Thank you for tips! I definitely will be more cautious. Great topic!
Very informative. I’ve had 2 different people respond to 2 separate items for sale, wanting to meet & puchase-then blame their kids for responding saying “Sorry, my kid got ahold of my cell phone, it wasn’t me responding.” Really? I mean my world won’t crash just because you changed your mind. Wow..twice