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I’m so new at this that I can’t even tell if those ratings are from the seller or the buyer. I haven’t even responded since he told me where he’s from.  I would like for you to look at his profile to see what I mean but I don’t know if it’s proper for me to put someone’s profile name out there. 

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@JimmySharon let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

I totally understand your concerns,
Safety is always number one, yes meeting at your local Police Department, I also would recommend asking if you can take a photo of his drivers license with your cell phone, also you can ask too hold his car keys from his vehicle, you can also getting his phone number, this is what car dealerships do here in AZ, so you don’t have to drive with him on the test drive, again keeping your safety in mind, after he is happy with the truck and you both agreed on a price, meet at his bank or your local motor vehicle department to exchange title for cash, there you will see it’s out of your name and put into his name. that being said, it’s great your checking his profile page, sometimes people don’t put there photos in their profile page or don’t know how, or for their own safety, I agree keeping no profile picture yes it can turn people off,
I always recommend having something showing in the picture,
at this time like RevivalGypsy said there is no comment section for reviews, I also would recommend getting a tentative agreed price, so your both on the same page before meeting up. after meeting this can usually change people always try and get a better deal. Hope this helps you.😊
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@BrightMoonstone Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

BrightMoonstone, Yes you can never be to careful,, there’s some scammers out here, that’s why people trying to get phone numbers or email addresses, or any personal information is not recommend, OfferUp recommends always keeping conversations within the OfferUp messaging system, it’s all about keeping everyone safe, keeping your personal safe is number one., that being said., I always recommend checking out the OfferUp selling guidelines app, also Community forum guidelines., this will help members moving forward. 😎🇬🇧
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the only thing I say regarding #1 on selling is that *sometimes* the stock photo is beneficial. example, I have a set of 10 rings that are sealed in a package and are all different sizes as they are meant to be worn on different parts of the fingers. I have the stock photo as the cover shot, because if I didn't, nobody would know what they are inside of the sealed bag. and I also have them advertised as sealed in package new, so i'm not going to open the package just for a photo. sometimes it does make it easier - but I do always try to post an image showing the item sealed up as well. but that's just me.
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I can agree with the window shopper. Everybody wants and knows how much this or that pokemon card is but nobody wants to pay for said pokemon card. It's always can I see the back of it, see it in another light, how much lower will you go for it, or ebay is not a price setter. To fix them I took a vid of the card and tell them to just watch it, the cards will only be cheaper if you drive to my place, and I don't price based on ebay 

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Excellent advice... thank you so much.

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I'm new here and I am so glad this was the first post I read! Thank you so much! ✌
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@Kranae22 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Kranae22 when you get some time check out some threads with topics being discussed., and maybe share some of your opinions and experiences a long the way., if you agree with others pass around some kudos.,
if you want someone to respond to you put this @ in front of their usernames like I did to your username above. Hope to see you around the forum.
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Welcome, @Kranae22! Glad you found this post so helpful! We have this guide which will help you get familiar with the forums. 

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Thank you