Great description of the low life time wasters.
We were all new once without stats or sales. You Item(S) will sell. Just do on to others...the rest will fall into place.
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I believe only one account is allowed per phone, check with OfferUp support for this matter
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I think this is the case also, or else you're blocked out.

It's happened to my brother and me.

If you're on the same network this can cause issues.

I should note, an admin asked if we woukd like to have two accounts a while back.

Like a business and a personal, not many prople replied to the thread so I guess they dropped the idea.
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@Yolanda002018 fooled you huh...and what is that supposed to mean? Sounds like another stereotype. And saying "no one knew your race" is another untrue stereotypical statement. You can't speak for everyone, only yourself. As for "being mindful", I simply tell it like it is and call a spade a spade. What readers like yourself choose to decipher or assume from that isnt my issue. Focus more on getting your ratings & rep up and doing better business instead of trying to debate, assume, and correct others on their posts. Thanks 😉
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@Outofthecloset1 thank you for your positive feedback 😊 yes it's a lot of trolls and simple minded people on here who have way too much time on their hands and tend to focus on the wrong things lol gotta swerve those type lol
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@Jsb267 Never apologize for speaking your mind just because someone decides to twist your words or intentions. Some people are just overly touchy, argumentative, and difficult, so you can't win with those type no matter how "nice" or eloquent you state something. This forum is to express ourselves freely without judgement and without being told how to say something. I personally saw no issue with your comments, so whoever did is their own personal problem. Not yours.
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@Sandstorm big facts. I agree 100%. Well said
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@Jinkyzzz I understand your frustration with low ballers. We all deal with them. Check out my other post "Dealing With Low Ballers" when you get time. Some useful tips there.

One good way to handle low ball offers that I use is to reply with "are you ready to buy?". If they aren't, then reply "sorry, I only accept lower offers from buyers looking to purchase now", this will weed out the window shoppers from the serious buyers. If the buyer is serious about copping, they will arrange a meet time and place. Then you guys can negotiate on a price thats suitable for both parties. Also, put "price is firm" in your post descriptions. If a buyer still chooses to low ball then vanish after you reply, report them for low balling and block them. There is a tab when reporting under "buyer made a low offer". You will receive a email to follow up with your report on this user. Describe the situation in the message box and send. OfferUp support will take it from there. But yes, dealing with low ballers takes a LOT of patience. Just try not to take it personal when buyers low ball you. Its a part of the game, just don't be the one getting played. Good luck!
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Thank you for the insight. Very helpful! I agree with the majority of your points. However, I would like to offer two alternative perspectives on a couple of your points.
1. Re: your comment about not buying from a seller who has no sales history...would your position be different if the seller was new to the platform? I’m new to the platform and haven’t had any sales yet, but I certainly hope to in the near future. Everyone is new to the platform at some point...and everyone has zero sales when they first start. To warn people against doing business with a seller who has zero sales seems a bit harsh, especially if you consider new sellers.
2. Re: your advice to avoid sellers who use stock photos. For a few of my items (not many), I have elected to use stock photos in addition to my own photos. In each instance, I’ve used stock photos because the item is a.) brand new and factory sealed in a nondescript box OR b.) the box is descriptive, but I still want to include a photo of the item as opposed to only showing a sealed box. I think it is completely acceptable to have some photos the seller has taken of the box, plus some stock photos of the actual item. I’ve occasionally used this strategy on other platforms, have never dropped below 100% positive ratings, and absolutely remain focused on the quality of my listings and the items I sell. I think it is too over-arching to advise buyers to avoid sellers who use stock photos. Again, I certainly appreciate your perspective and am happy that you shared it...I hope my comments can provide an alternative viewpoint to consider. Life is rarely so black and white...it’s usually shades of gray.