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I've seen more Michael Kors fake purses than any other.
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Appreciate your post!
Had me LOL.... quite a few x's !!!
I appreciate your post. I'm new to OfferUp with so many items to sale. I want all the advice I can get to become successful.
In part of your post you state that people should not trust someone with no stats, reviews or anything such as that nature. Well since I am new to this and not yet been able to sell anything, What am I supposed to do?
Also any ideas, tips, or advice on how to sell my items faster. I have not posted everything I have just so I can get an idea of how things will work out.
So if you or anyone can tell me anything to becoming successful and making money I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thank You
my advice is to be patient., take good pictures check what others are selling the items for Google the price and go from there follow your gut with buyers and if u don't sell re post and re post ,until u find a buyer also honesty is a key to be a successful seller my humble advice
Ok thanks you very much. I'm not that much of a patient person but at the same time I also don't live in a mansion. I have all these brand new items or items used only once.😁 I am running out of space.
So everything that I can learn that will help me I truly appreciate it and appreciate you for taking time out to respond to me.
I open my account on Nov and sold everything and paid my credit card bill . I'm better now at selling I used let go and fb market . so far I'm happy I have learned to not take it personal. not get angry or frustrate it I have learn to be patient and always be open to give a good deal .offers are always welcome so u can get rid of stuff. I don't buy stuff anymore I'm selling everything I want to travel more . and buy less ..
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---Same... @Tobbias1forever!
Much Success Your Way 👍☺
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I agree with you on everything except profile pictures and window shoppers. Profile pictures are meaningless. If you want to ask me 20 questions before you buy I will answer you. It’s your money. Chances are you’re getting odd questions and not hearing back from the buyer because the buyer is looking at multiple like items, reading reviews on-line, and ultimately finds something they like better.
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More excellent advice. I have had a hard time selling anything on this app but I'm actually doing it all wrong. I have waited for ppl and let them talk me down in price. No more!!
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Thank you so much for all the valuable info!