This is awesome tips for people who are just starting out. Thanks!
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-Ciao' @Highlander-
---Your valuable feedback is much appreciate as well!
Thanks for helping the Community grow 👍😊
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-Ciao' @LiviaFuria-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum---
You are in control of your items/pricing etc... Stay strong!
Much Success to You👍😊
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-Ciao' @Big-islang-guy-
---Your positive feedback is great to hear in OfferUp Forums---TYVM!
Are you currently a Buyer/Seller with OfferUp?
Much Success 👍😊
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Yes. I have sold a few items on Offerup and hope for more sales. I'm in the process of building up my inventory. I love how the app is designed with safety and simplicity for the seller/buyer.
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Totally, @Highlander! Trust and safety are our #1 focus. Check out our most recent announcement - I have a feeling you'll like it!! Smiley Wink

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This is good ADVICE!
People are strange now days and yes it is all about your time being waisted on stupidity.
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As a new buyer and seller I feel blessed to have found your post before my first sale or purchase. I sincerely appreciate this and the last, these seem like obvious guidelines but in reality are situations that have fine lines and can easily get crossed . Prior to reading this I hate to admit it, but I most likely could have been "bullied" in some way or the other . I have a habit of giving the benefit of the doubt and seeing this just at face value instead of doing a little research or just sticking with my gut feeling. If it's kinda sketchy or stressful in anyway it could be one of those situations easily avoided. We're supposed to have fun but still cautious . Im a bit nervous bout it's a good thing. Thanx again!!
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Dealing with lowballers, I raise my price the same percentage they drop it. If they make a 50% offer, I make my price 150% of the asking price. If they want to negotiate and insult me with the low-ball offer, there is no rule that says you have to lower your price in the counter offer. So I send and equally insulting counter-offer that raises the price and let them deal with it. They usually respond with quote "but your price was originally this."
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Great advice