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Appreciate your feedback!
Definately... would listen to your "Woman's Intuition" (gut feeling) 😊
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hi @50Tech welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,that doesnt sound like a very good business practice,,,,,,,,,,,im curious ,,,,,,how many sales have you made using that technique? I think 50 percent is a good offer,,,,,,,,someone that offers 50 percent , the majority of times one can barter with and end up selling for around 15 percent off the asking price,,,,,,,,when selling used items  at a second hand one should just price things a little higher than one is willing to accept,,,,,,,

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I’m a little concerned...
So I’m selling bedroom furniture for $1500 and someone contacted me about it and said her stepdad is interested and to email him at his gmail account so I did. He said he’s interested in immediate purchase and asked if I could give him my cell number and address so he can mail a check. He said once payment clears into my account than we would set up date for pick up. Does this sound legit? I feel terrible for being skeptical and I’m new to this site ☹️ and what really sucks is that I already gave him all the info and now I haven’t heard back 😡 heeeellllllpppppp!!!!!
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---STOP... please do not continue this transaction!
Definately a well-known scam 😕
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Since you have given out your personal info already...
Please contact OfferUp Customer Care.
Keep us posted on your progress, good luck to you 👍
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Ugh 😫 thank you for your help! This really sucks
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How do I contact customer care?
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---OfferUp Support help @offerup.com
If you would like to address a particular member, add @ before their username for a quicker response to your questions 👍😊
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Also... @Ohkay024-
---Have found that by reading OfferUps' TOS prior to my first post, much frustration has been avoided.
"There is NO reason whatsoever for ANYONE to need your personal information"---
OfferUp has simplified the buying/selling process with the convenience of via app "only" communications for your well-being!
"When we knew better... we did
better" 👍😊
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