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Hello my customer purchase several items and I have to ship them all seperate? Well there beany way in the future to combine shipping? Its rather costly to keep purchasing packaging and printing shipping labels for shipping seperate items to the same buyer

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I have a return buyer who purchases multiple items. The first time she paid shipping on 9 seperate items and I had to mail 9 different packages. I felt so bad she had to pay that much in shipping so now she tells me what items she wants and I put everything in one lot and post it as a reserved listing for her that way she only has to pay one shipping prices and I only have to mail one package.
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Thanks for the suggestion!! I'm not sure it's being worked on at the moment as Shipping is still brand new, but that is definitely feedback I will relay to the team Smiley Happy

Thank you my customer was a little upset that she paid shipping for 9 items and I have to purchase 9 different packages to ship them in with 9 printed labels. It would be nice to put everything in one box with one label if possible.
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Hi @BrightMoonstone just a suggestion,,,,,but in the furture if you see someone is interested in several items,,,before accepting the offer ,,,,,you might talk to the person and then put all the items on one post and let them make an offer on all of it at once so that you can combine shipping.

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With their current shipping/payment system, "combining" shipping will be a nightmare when it comes to handling returns/refunds. It is easier when each transaction is compartmentalized since OfferUp is using Stripe. Otherwise, it will require a major overhaul to the entire shipping/payment system.


If you ever have the unfortunate experience of a OU buyer that decides to return the item or "denies" ever receiving the package(s), you will understand since OfferUp is operating within the constraint of Stripe's terms.


IMO, I would defer from taking @0317's  advice of combining shipping, unless you want to take that risk on your own.  What I would suggest is that if a buyer wants more than one item, repost the ad as a "bundled" transaction with the all the items incuded in one posting, with itemizaion of each item with the photos and description.

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@BrightMoonstone @Lapua @0317 @rt5 I shared with the team. Lapua that could definitely be the case. We will see! 



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@Lapua I like what you said in your post,,and it was kind of the type or response i was hoping for from someone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but,,,,,I did not give "advice",,,,,,,you changed my words and kinda changed what i  said,,,,,,,,,,i know that in general both words have a real similar meaning,,,,,,,,,but technically advice is an opinion recommended,,,,,,,i didnt do that,,,,,,,,,what i did was offer a suggestion which is more of an idea that i just put out there for analysis or discussion,,,,,,,,,,,,,and your response was indeed what i was looking for,,,,,,,,it seems there are a few here in the forum that make a habit of changing words around  and twisting what some of us say,,,,,,,,,,,,i only mention it to you ,,,because of how technical you get sometimes in your responses .,,,,,,,,I only offer "advice " when im pretty sure i know what im talking about ,,,,,,,,,and thats not the case when it comes to the whole shipping subject.


Nice idea! A  bit more detailed discription..

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I have a similar question except the buyer has already paid for 2 light weight clothing items already. She's interested in another clothing item. Is there a way to offer this to her so she only pays for the actual item? It would still be in the 15 ounce limit.