Added shipping on multiple items

One thing I don't like is now I'm not able to see how much the shipping charge is when I mark it so now I have no idea how much my buyer is being charged so will no longer be providing the shipping option in a few weeks.
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That is what I do except I need to be more careful to list all items in the description separately so we both have a record. My buyer will make offers on a lot of stuff and then I move it to one, but I also have to decline all those offers and explain why. This site needs a lot of work to be competitive with eBay as far as function, but I have sold a lot more here.
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---Wow, that seems to take quite alot of steps...@BrightMoonstone
Streamlining would definitely save users tons of time to sell more!
Appreciate the schooling BrightMoonstone!
BTW: What type of weighing system do you have in place?
@KSARASARA I have a large scale so I place everything in a box and set the box on the scale to get the weight. Its super confusing the way the weight is set up on here because on my other sites I use flat rate shipping on multi orders. You can stuff as much in the box as you possibly can for a flat rate and saves a ton on shipping.
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---You are an Einstein @BrightMoonstone!
Thanks so very much... 😀
@KSARASARA lol no just been selling online for almost 18 years and had to learn from trial and error.
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---Really appreciate you passing along your trials & tribulations of Women's Entrepreneurship--- 🏆
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I hope someday combining shipping and items will be easier. I don't mind making reserved listings for combined items but its a little time consuming. I have several people who always want more that one item. I do have one person who pays shipping on each item because she likes getting packages lol. The other site I sell on lets us list the weight on the item so when people want more than one item the system figures up the shipping cost for each item by weight. Maybe something for the Offerup future