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Hey everyone! 

I've got a question about posting for vehicle listings

If I am able to finance my customers.

Can I list down payment as the Header Price?



Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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No, that would be price manipulation, like other users who have items priced @$1. You can indicate the down payment amount within the description.

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@Liberty3010 are you a dealer? Did you know we recently released OfferUp Autos?

Check it out here!


As for your question though, @Lapua is right. That would be considered price manipulation. 

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Hi @Liberty3010 welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,i just wanted to add something to the information thats already been given,,,,,,,,,this is a nation wide forum,,,,,,and in some areas,,,,,,car dealers have been posting tons of cars,,taking over the feed,,,,,,,ive seen quite a few complaints about it,,,,,,,,,,,i personaly believe that a car dealer would do best on offerup by just listing a few cars at a time so as not to take over the feed,,,,,,,we all know where are local dealers are located,,,,,,we see their cars as we drive by,,,,,,,,,i think advertizing some on offerup would be great and help business,,,,,,,,,,but if you over do it,,,,,,,,i think it would also turn some potential buyers off to your car lot,,,,,,,,,,,some folks here are trying to sell their used cars so that they can go down to the local car lot with a down payment,,,,,,,to many cars on the feed discourages sellers and buyers on offerup/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,again,,,,,,,welcome to the forums