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When doing a deal with someone be careful when giving out your address. There are people on this site that are no different than the ones on craigslist.
-Meet somewhere public and during hours that are normal.
-if it's a big sale make sure you take a money checker pin so you can make sure the bills are real ( it's better to be safe than sorry right )
- don't give out your address unless you absolutely have to. The less people know where you live the safer you can sleep at night.
- when meeting someone try to always bring a friend or a relative especially if your a female . (Just in case.)
- carry pepper spray
People can put on a big show until they get you where they want you. Then you become a victim.
I hope these reminders / tips help.
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-Ciao' @Tamibear21-
Have found a Storage unit very useful in helping to facilitate the meet-ups for larger items... 👍
-No address to residence
-Plenty of security cameras
-Someone is usually on-site too 😊
Always... go with your "first" gut feeling in each situation!
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@KSARASARA that is such a good idea... and storage units can be relatively cheap too! Such a smart investment if you're selling large items like that!

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Thanks Mj!
---Helps to clean out the storage unit as well... Storage Stuff Sale 😄