Hi, My name is Michele and I have been selling things on Offerup for about 3yrs now. I take pride in the items I sell meaning everything I show and sell r in excellent condition unless told otherwise & u get quality items at an extremely low price! Anyway I ship items from time to time and never had any issues until now: This user by the name of James from Texas asked for a shipment of an item I had so like every other time I went thru the process. This time I was having trouble finding something to box the item in because it was a very large awkward item so it took a little longer than usual so they added a 2 day extension. Ok so I finally figured something out & went to the post office but unfortunately the item was heavier than the postage allowed. Then I text him and told him the issues that I was having and asked him if he still wanted the item & if he did that he would have to make another offer cuz I had to change the postage. He made another offer with no hesitation I was happy because the item was already to ship so I went to get the pre-paid postage printed out taped it to the box pulled into the post office, thank GOD my husband was with me because he looked and seen that the guy had canceled the shipment. Once again I text him asked him what happened and did he want it or not because I was at the post office right now ready to ship the item. Again he made another offer so I had to go print out the postage but on the way there he hurried up & canceled again so I text & said what’s going on y does he keep canceling he said”well now I’m gonna have to wait till Wednesday but I definitely want it I’ll make an offer first thing that morning”. By him saying that I really just thought it was Offerup that had a glitch in the system!! Ok so Wednesday comes he makes an offer late in the day I excepted but luckily I didn’t make it to the post office yet, apparently he thought I did since it was boxed and ready to go sooooo he canceled hoping the item was shipped already that way the item would have came to him and he wouldn’t of had to pay!!! Somebody must have been watching out for me out there cuz normally I would of shipped it right away but things kept coming up that stalled me. It also let me see what he was doing,so beware of buyers that want items shipped but cancel before the item reaches their address because their money will go right back into their account and ur item will still arrive at their address then they get the item for free!!! I highly doubt they ship it back to u.... So PLEASE TAKE HEED & BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!!🙈🙊🙉

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That is the intended flow, @RevivalGypsy - once an offer is accepted, the buyer can no longer cancel the transaction. There have been a couple one-off issues which caused transactions to get canceled after the fact, but they seem to have been canceled by OfferUp and not the buyer. Our teams are happy to investigate any of these things!

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Although his continuous canceling is shady, you have a few things of your own to take accountability for. You stated that you took 5 days to package, then miscalculated shipping, asked for more money (rather than eat your own error), then continued to add extended time with each new offer. I am not sure if he was scanning, although possible, it seems more that he now had to save additional funds to add to original AGREED UPON price. I am not trying to sound condicending, but this was kind of a crap show of a transaction.
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Hi @ShellBell1979 welcome  to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,,its hard to tell what was going on there ,,,,,,,its possible that he thought you were messing with him ,,,,,so he was messing with you back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i gotta agree with @RevivalGypsy sounds like the whole transaction was messed up on both sides,,,,,,,,,,,,,but sounds like you do well with offerup , so i would not let one messed up transaction get you down,,,,,,,,,,some items are just to much of a hastle to ship,getting them packaged,

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Gypsy...I disagree with your statement this was a "crap show" from the start. The seller legitimately asked for a new offer to be made to include add'l shipping charges.. which is not unprofessional by any means given the awkward dimensions and weight and the seller not finding that out until they tried to ship. To "eat" add'l shipping charges as a show good faith may not have been cost effective for the seller in this transaction. The seller remained in constant communication with the buyer, and the buyer could've easily terminated the offer if they were unhappy with the add'l postage. That wasn't the case- the seller was right to question the constant cancellations, especially since the buyer continued to accept the revisions to the price by making new offers when asked to do so. In my opinion, this had nothing to do with anything the seller did wrong...this was an attempt to scam- thankfully the seller caught onto that before losing her item.
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I think that offer up needs to qualify sellers how are going to be able to click on the ship button.

Shipping for sellers and if they can't do all of the below they should not be allowed to be apart of the nationwide shipping program.

1. Respond to all offers in 48 hours or less.

2. Ship with in 48 hours of any transaction.

3. When listing item you should already know the weight and have a box to be prepared to ship item.


I as a buyer am very frustrated with the whole shipping thing.

1. First I have to ask if it is available 

2. Ask if they will ship. And gezz does that open a whole can of beans in most cases.

3 If we make it this far and I have to say only 10% of the time we do. Try to negotiate a price on what I am seeing and I have to say most listing do not give enough info to make a wise purchase.

4. Finally I here we agreed on everything and they have accepted the offer.

5. They Have not shipped or canceled the sale.

6. Something needs to be done this is a wast of buyers time.

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I sold and shipped an item for $270 on offer up. After I sent the item via USPS using the shipping label provided by offer up. The seller canceled the order, and deactivated their account. I can not believe offer up would even allow a buyer to just cancel an order after I had sent it. This is so wrong on many levels. I really hope these guys actually get back to me on this. Not just send me an automated email, then never reach out. I am 100% willing to file a claim in CA, and or WA small claims court if this is not resolved in a timely matter.
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Totally agree with you 100% they should be reliable just as much as ebay.. it's their duty to maintain a safe selling and buying experience
Agree with @RevivalGypsy as a seller its your responsibility to weigh the page and find a box for the package and be prepared to ship on time before you list the item. If the shipping was wrong that's not the buyers fault. As a seller I would eat the additional cost for not being prepared before I made the offer. The buyer was probably totally confused and felt the transaction was not secure after he waited so long and went through all the confusion
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@BrightMoonstone you will get a kick out of this; yesterday I purchased something on Merc, today the seller says "I'm trying to figure out how to ship, I thought you were meeting me here". 😂 ended up with yet again, a canceled sale. I must not be allowed to buy things, someone is stopping me from spending money 😋😋😋
@RevivalGypsy oh lawd you're having a hard time purchasing online these days! I haven't purchased anything yet but I'm sure it will be the same way for me also, that's just how it goes for me.