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Someone on this site purchase the item from me and I printed the label through this site shipped off the product then the person cancelled the order and the money that was pending disappeared. I thought since I printed through the site in the purchase came through the site I would be protected and nobody from this site has ever got back to me besides singing they would look into the matter but I have no product and no money
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For myself, when I purchase, I can no longer cancel when offer is accepted. I wonder if my own buyers have that option. That's pretty scary. Sounds like the newest scam. It seems shipping is slightly different for all of us, maybe depending on location? I hope someone here can help you. If not, Usps may be able to assist your fraud claim when delivery shows in tracking.
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That is the intended flow, @RevivalGypsy - once an offer is accepted, the buyer can no longer cancel the transaction. There have been a couple one-off issues which caused transactions to get canceled after the fact, but they seem to have been canceled by OfferUp and not the buyer. Our teams are happy to investigate any of these things!

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Thank you for your help @Mj_206
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So sorry to hear that happened to you @Straube people are so shady I sold a item also for 170.00 but I guess offer up takes fees so ended up saying I'd get 156.00 but still haven't gotten that either and item was delivered on the 10th I think they give buyers way to much time to think of ways out of paying after they already have their items the money should already be on hold from offer up not on the person card their paying from any longer that way if they dip and close their account at least the seller still gets paid
@Andbooker75 Offerup charges 7.9% it tells you that right on the site when you sent up to use the shipping feature. The payment is automatically takin out and held, the buyer doesn't pay after the item is delivered. The money is held for 3 business days to make sure the buyer is getting what they paid for and if it is then the money is released If you have a small bank or credit union like I do it moves pretty fast but a larger bank tends to take longer because they have more people and deposits to process on their systems.
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Hello I sold and shipped several items to a buyer that bow it shows that the account has been deactivated, this has neve happened to me before. Will I still get paid for the items I shipped ? They have not yet been delivered
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I am new and trying to get a feel for things sounds like that was  the game he was playing from the they accept the offer they should not be able or allowed to cancel, it's just ridiculous and where's the safety or assurity for the seller?

@1sidehustle alot of new sellers on here don't know what they're doing when they list a item, the shipping option is automatically checked and sometimes they don't realize they have marked a item to be shipped or they sell it someplace else and forget to mark it sold so they cancel.. It crappy but it happens