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I am just looking at Offer Up for the first time, this is good info. I normally sell on ebay, I sold a couple of items on facebook that people wanted shipped and I was excited about this. An individual sent me their postal code, I sent them the total cost of the purchase including postage, the individual never paid. I sent a reminder, I don't hear anything back. I sold the item to someone else. I posted sold on facebook then the original individual message me claiming they paid for the item and I never sent it. That's where paypal came into play, you have a trail as to what you did and what they did or did not do.
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@Junkster5 we also have a shipping feature that will make the transaction even easier! 


Selling and shipping nationwide on OfferUp

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This is alarming.  I've only just begun to sell items on OfferUp and was not aware that the purchaser can cancel an order or even their account, just before the shipped item arrives. 

In my opinion, it's sounding like OfferUp may need a revamping of its policies and procedures. 


For starters; ALL OfferUp members should be TruYou verified in order to post and sell.  Next, after a price is agreed upon there should be a "mutual agreement" button for both parties to evidence that they agree to the terms of their unique transaction, factoring in shipping to specific locations, insurance, returns and warranty. In order to "accept" the transaction for both, each member should then be required to manually enter thier OfferUp password to 'seal the deal'.  Additional stipulations need to be drawn up and put into effect for the protection of all.  The canceling of an OfferUp account should not be instantaneous, especially if the member wishing to close the account is currently involved in any pending trasnsaction, currently under investigation and/or if the member has been reported by other members.  Standard protocol for the closing of OfferUp accounts should be delayed and put up for review.  OfferUp should retain the closed account information and TruYou data to prevent just anyone from closing and opening accounts on a whim.    

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What situations cause the system to cancel? Isn’t this dangerous if the seller already shipped?  

I've had two that canceled within a few minutes of the buyer paying but it was because the card they were using wouldn't accept the payment for whatever reason. It was right away. That's the only two I have experienced in almost a year of shipping.
I know I can cancel the transaction within the 3 days of shipping time (I think it's 3 day) as a seller and the two I mentioned above but I don't know if the buyer can cancel on that end. I haven't bought anything to ship to me so I honesty don't know.
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Do not ship using offerup, PayPal is the way to go, they will protect you from all this mess. I still haven’t received my funds from the last item I shipped, it’s been idk...8 damm months ago lol
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Actually, @Logan911, using PayPal is not recommended. Especially if money is sent using the Friends and Family option - it's actually a tactic many scammers use to try to force buyers to use PayPal. Using an outside payment method will disqualify the purchase for our Buyer Protection options.

Additionally, our Payments Specialists sent you an email back on September 17th stating "Thanks for your patience and understanding. If you don't see the funds in your account by 9/21/2018 you may want to reach out to your financial institution." 


If you didn't receive your funds, please reply to that email as you were already instructed.

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Never send money to strangers using families and friends on PayPal unless they are really your friends and family, always use the Goods and Service option! Paypal will protect buyers and sellers at the same time.
Also I’ve emailed a few times and getting the same answers, done wasting my time with offerup shipping.
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@Logan911 I'm giving you the solution to getting your funds if you haven't already got them. I can only go off of what our last agent stated, which is that funds were transferred back in September. They requested that if payment hasn't been received to continue working with them or your financial institute. I highly recommend responding back to their emails if you haven't seen these funds yet.