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Referring to the fee OfferUp charges, maybe I missed it
@Mels-Bells it is now 9.9% and that's only if you are using the shipping option. Of course they're going to charge you for using a credit card processing company to process the payments for using the shipping option. All sites charge fees for that because the cc processing card holder charges them a fee plus they're making a cut also. Ebay, Etsy etc.. You see the fee when you list a item for shipping.
@PsychPaCop Offerup is not going to help because they're not linked with PayPal. They have their own cc processing system with a company called Stripe and they ask you to not use other payment systems for these reasons...
A little advise PayPal has 180 day claim policy for returns. Offerup claim policy is 3 days. So even if PayPal pays faster than Offerup system with PayPal they can take that money back If someone files a claim 5-6 months down the road.
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They are both hokey and if you're a seller do yourself a favor and get a merchant service company that is an actual bank and not a reseller of these services.
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@BrightMoonstone The credit card he used to put money on PayPal was stolen so PayPal took the hit. The scammer was able to hack a PayPal confirmation from another persons account.
@PsychPaCop I get so sick of these scammers they never stop! They're always one-uping everything!
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I got scammed by MR. HARRIS few weeks ago, I paid $480 for two golf putter, I used Paypal to pay, one putter was shipped to another address in another state, the other one was lost. I file a claim with PayPal and got my money back within a week.
Why I don't use PayPal and I hate these cc processing services..Some people are honest most are not! There's been others not so lucky! PayPal will refund if the items are not shipped to the address of the buyer. Claims are always two sides with PayPal. They want a mediation with both buyer and seller and if the seller decides to answer to a claim it can takes months and months..You got very lucky the seller had no rebuttals! He probably never responded to the claim!
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Offerup is NOT eBay. eBay protects the buyer AND the seller.
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I am pretty new to offerup and was selling a smartphone for $49...had 3 offers within 10 minutes and when the first person was haggling i told this scammer by the alias "juan" that im sorry but im already trying to negotiate the phone with the 1st person.....ok so then "juan" offers me 100$ and to pay the postage if i will sell him the phone....the first person wasnt super interested and juan was saying his niece's birthday was in a few days and this phone was exactly perfect already had a case already had a credit card/id holder on back of case so my greed/instant gratification wom me over and i made the mistake of giving him my email address so we could transact through paypal....days go by and i was using the link in the email he sent to get into my PayPal.....well when i email paypal they have no idea what im talking about and say send us the email this juan guy sent it was a phishing attempt and also he got a free phone free case free accessory and i paid his postage of 7$ and drove promptly to post office and wasted my time, money and energy into giving a scumbag a brand new phone....please help this experience make ot to rhe main post about what tobwatch out for.....this was my first item to sell and yes i know im stupid to have trusted ot using offerup to do the money transaction but i had no idea paypal scammers had sites that also functioned and so flawless....this individual is definitely doing this as a fulltime job