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All platforms offer this sometimes though, usually in less clear situations. Think my buyer may have had similar issues in the past though. I cant believe that people dont read prior to purchase, but can ramble on in returning items with their reasons. Oh well, thats on ou
I’m new to all of this but I weight everything before posting, get it to post office before 24 hours is up. I pay shipping to make it easier for everyone but it seems on OfferUp buyers have to pay shipping, unless I’m told different, I’ve stated in my posts that I will take $5 off any item that buyer has to pay shipping on.
this has happened to me recently and i still have been waiting for what i ordered to ship but the seller hasnt shipped the item yet i need help!!
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How do you get a refund from a seller /offer up? The seller printed a label to show tracking but he never shipped
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I always verify the buyers address every time before I ship, if they give me an address different than the shipping label, I don’t ship!
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Smart Shipping move! Will definitely use your tip, when I start shipping very soon. Appreciate!
Btw: WOW! What a beautiful catch! Ciao´ Smiley Wink

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You’re welcome 😊
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That is so terrible and shady. I'm sad this happens to honest people. Very sad it happened to you, but definitely agree someone was looking out for you and glad it did not get mailed and you were smart enough to catch on to this guys scam. I pray he was reported.
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@Mj_206, recently offer up changed their shipping policies and now have an agreement where the United States postal service can pick it up but it has to go through their facility before it gets to UPS to send out. The postman picked up my package it never got scanned in the system and offer up extended the shipping. after two more days they canceled the sale now I have no idea where the packages and I had the money taken back out of my account. What I noticed is that when I take it directly to UPS and get scanned in the same day just like it used to be scanned in the same day when the USPS man picked it up..
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I actually have a question i recently started selling itmes too and am going to ship the item soon , it asks me for the last digits of my SSN i think thats a bit off. Did anythint happen? Should i cancel the order? I don't feel comfortable giving out my ssn