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Being on disability and in section 8 housing, making ends meet can be a challenge. If you have items that you want to sell, buying them in quantity allows you to determine a competitive market price that can beat what others might sell it for. Also, when you sell at flea markets, you don't need to be concerned with taxes. Selling items out of state keeps you from having to file taxes in your own state. Road trips are useful.

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OK I'm just going to start out by saying this my own opinion. I'm also going to say I respect your opinion and I'm not looking to get into a flaming war here. I completely understand the struggle of Living in poverty I'm literally spent 3 years of my life living basically on Rahman And peanut butter sandwiches because I couldn't afford the jelly. That being said I definitely don't agree with the whole idea of let's Dodge the tax man. Paying taxes suck there's no doubt about that but they also Pay for central services like fire police and even help pay to subsidize the section 8 housing you're talking about. If you're really moving bulk quantities of items and Not charging me appropriate taxes you're not only stealing from the government but you're stealing from everyone and I know we've all done it however there are major crackdowns now at flea markets And in my local area even on people that have repetitive yard sales more than 3 times a year they requiring them to get business license and charged tax. The upside of not paying taxes is definitely not worth the fines if you get caught. Offer up can tell me approximately what My sales were last year and I'm assuming there's some threshold that they're required to report to the IRS . So all that being said I know it's a pain in the butt but I wouldn't recommend Not paying taxes.

I am also going to throw the question out here to @Mj_206 Is there a threshold where you'll either get A W9 from offer up or When offer up is required to report sales to the Iris or state? If anybody knows the answer I'm super curious
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OfferUp will NOT be workng on behest of the tax collector anytime soon, unless it meets the following criteria (which...will not happen anytime soon):


1. TruYou for ALL users mandatory (a specific person has to responsible for the tax liablity).
2. Listing fees implemented (the selling price has to be accurate and static for the calculation of the appropriate sales tax).


Etsy and Amazon has been on the forefont on AUTOMATIC tax collections as only 3 states (WA, PA, and OK) have what is called marketplace facilitator sales tax implemented (usually for sales of $250K or more within a 12month/period). eBay has also started to collect on these 3 states this year, which I previsouly indicated within the forum.


There are 7 other states that have some sort of marketplace facilitator sales tax program, but these states leave it to the individual sellers to pay the taxes, unlike in the 3 states that make the "selling app" responsible for the tax collections.


There are 20 more states that will also have marketplace facilitator measures under consideration, but they all differ from state to state, but will most likely be implemented by the end of 2020.

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Thanks for the deets Factsdontcare
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I have a crazy question. I see lots of items that say ad next to them. You click and it goes to eBay etc. How do they do that because I also sell on eBay and that would make posting very easy. Thank you much
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So 1st of all I'm going to say I'm an end user and only one Offer up employee actually works in the forms but from my understanding the ads are generated via an algorithm using search criteria etc and are pay per click advertising So eBay is paying For every click they get that drives traffic to their website Not quite sure what the rates that offer up is offering and you'd have to contact them directly to see if there is a way you could even purchase after teizing space from them because the odds are it's taken up by the big guys with huge Marketing budgets but I can tell you that for my website we're paying around 15 to $20 A click
So is it possible to upload a amazon link to offer up?
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It is against the guidelines of the app to have external links that do not lead to the guidelines or support.