Best business advice ever?

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Mine is
It's not about ideas
It's about making ideas happen.
The customer is NOT always right. Some people are dishonest, are constant complainers, or don't pay attention to product descriptions or terms under which items are being sold. It's important to be diplomatic, but that doesn't mean you let customers run over you.
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Treat those as you want to be treated and implement the rules of business all shall be a success.
Have a genuine selfless love for people. Always maintaining integrity, making sure that your character is never Tarnished by your behavior. Don’t be afraid to embrace people from all walks of life. That’s just the first step however,I think that’s the main foundation of success. Loving your Neighbor
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But even more so family members. It can cause broken relationships.
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One of my pillars of business that I stand by and highly recommend especially to newbies is to “Leed with Revenue”. I thing I got it from Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. To me it means that I cannot spend money until I make money. First work hard to generate a couple of sales then put money “into your business” for growth. Obviously there are startup fees associated with every business. This applies to marketing and advertising and increasing pieces of equipment.. etc. It’s easy for me to cave into the idea “If I just had ... I would generate enough sales to make it worthwhile.” I believe this is a worldly mindset and we need to get back to the basics of raw hard work which trumps any slump you may be in.
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Hello @Agentkwilson, Very nicely said!

Reminds of a Thomas Edison quote

Opportunity is missed by most people

because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work --

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Thank you @Shupat Great quote!
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“the road to success is the attitude”
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Hey @Rdrigz5  -- I like that quote! Is this your favorite quote?

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