Best business advice ever?

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Hey everyone,


We all go through life receiving advice that sticks with us for years, if not forever. Since this forum is about bringing entrepreneurs together and helping you connect to run successful businesses on OfferUp, I was curious -- what's the best business advice you've ever received? 


Mine is:

"Do what you love, and the rest will follow."


What about all of you? Why did the advice impact you so much? Share with us below! 

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

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@Carolynlo Love that one! 

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"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right." - Tony Robbins


Funny story about this one actually. A few years ago I worked at a startup company that did online appointment scheduling, where I assisted users with their account setup. One of my clients ended up being Tony Robbins, and at the time I had no idea who he was. I originally didn't think we'd have a solution for him, and I told him that from the get-go. He helped change my mindset on tackling difficult tasks, and I was able to create a custom solution for him. I just checked, and it looks like he is still using what I setup for him about 5 years later! 

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@Mj_206 So awesome. Smiley Happy

Love what you do and do what you Love. 

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@Decades_Antqs Absolutely Smiley Happy 

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Love that!!
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@thesoulbiz What's the best advice you've ever received? Smiley Happy

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Good business advice?? Dont give someone a bad review just because they could sell you their item dirt cheap, those stars are hard to earn and as soon as i get 5 some guy gives me a bad review and back to 3 i go...