Best business advice ever?

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"Don't start business with your friend"

Which is very true.
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Use your ears, not your mouth...
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We can’t control others, all we can do is control how we react
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Do everything in your power to avoid spending money when you start a business. Build a lean solution that provides value to your customers and only spend money on the absolute essentials at the moment you need them.
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Do a good job and your customer will tell 10 people, do a bad job, and they’ll tell everyoneSmiley Wink
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It is always easier to sell or describe an item that is appreciated and adored by the seller which in turn offers up a clear description for a potential buyer. Those darn descriptions that are so brief can be a red flag not only the person is a quick buck kind of seller but also may lose the interest of a potential buyer.
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Advertise, advertise, advertise. The blind cannot eat if they know not where food is..

@12n12 GREAT advice Smiley Very Happy Advertising is a MUST.  This is not a matter of "post it and they will buy". Can't sit back and hope to rake in the dough, won't happen. Diligence, freshness (do you need to re-do photos or tweak descriptions?), join many FB groups and post! Use search engine optimizers, pinterest, twitter, etc.  

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The best bussiness advice I’ve ever gotten is “Never do business with a friend or your significant other “
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If I were in Your situation I would take this as a learning experience and instead of being upset or bringing that feeling to yourself because the buyer didn’t understand or misread whatever the issue was at least what you gained is a learning experience for the next buyer and that negative review won’t mean anything hope this helps