Best business advice ever?

"When you have a good idea, put it down on paper. Think about it from every angle and make sure it works. Move your feet to the site and dirty your hands building it. Dreamers like to talk and the lazy don't like to work; but until you build it, it's just a good idea on a piece of paper to be thrown away. " - circa 1980, college classmate who owns his own construction firm in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
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I agree with you totally. You learn to recognize customers who are searching for best value vs. The ones who have no intention whatsoever of being fair or diplomatic... when they are rediculous in their offer, i normally counter the opposite just as rediculous!
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Honestly is the best policy.
I've never been fond of pushing a sale on to a person for higher profit. That hole commotion mentality for the higher buck was just not honest to me. I rather get no commotion or profit on a sale making a person happy earning a returning customer. Is only takes 1 happy person too make your bussines grow..Good People respect honesty as well as humanity when shopping. It sticks with them leaving them more willing to reffer there frends & family to you.
At the end of the day money is just a blank value for that moment in trade for goods. The true value that will make or brake your bussines is your intersections you have and the you present yourself to to community. Remember if there is no traffic coming throw the doors then that $1000 profit you maid on a sucker means nothing. Well you where ignoring the smaller mom & pop buyer's making that Thousand dollars your recurring bussines just walked out the door.

I couldn't agree with you more!

I found out early on that when I used hard selling techniques, I may have won the sale, but oh the pain I would experience afterwards.

The first scratch or the first hiccup that customer experienced with my goods would set off a flurry of complaints and then rumors that I was "pushing" faulty equipment. I came to realize that while I was "closing" the deal like those expensive self-help books preached, my customer was already hardening their heart because of their past experiences will the salesmen who promised the moon, but delivered a rock.

I eventually matured my style into "presenting" the facts about my wares and allowed my customer to come to their own conclusion that they would be better off with my suggestions, than someone else's wares.

In fact I would be offended when someone would call me a good salesman. I kiddingly would correct them and say, "Technical Sales".

After a few transactions, my customers didn't even ask me for the justification of my suggestions, they would ask me when could I deliver and if I needed the money right then.

Honesty is the best policy in any long term relationship. Without honesty, there's no trust. Without trust, there's no incentive to revisit. Without re-visitation, there's no reoccurring income.