Best business advice ever?

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Thank you for reading and understanding at lest in my view what "the best business advice" i could give to community. You 100% Git it and I love it. People go there hole lives and not grasp that concept. I'm 36 years old and I came to this conclusion in my 20's. Yes was told by everybody that "it's just not the way the world works thinking in that matter." Yet I didnt care the more I treated every one with the same respect i would give to my grandma. (so to speak) the more I notest that people know me by name even & would only take my advice over anyone else's. The self help industry are just scames in my view yet they alway gave me a laugh when I needed one. I was always affened with the "good sales man" compliment too. I would tall people if anything I'm a "clever nagotueater" not a bull **bleep**. Money should never rule you life it's just paper. Example: ever riped a $100 bill in half and notest the shock on people's face. Thay always say the same the thing "now it's not worth anything." Lol tip take the helf with the stip in it to any bank and it's worth face value. Money will always come and go in tread for goods and services. It's just a tool to use for trade that's it, the more you understand eatch individual the more they will be willing to trade it with you. 😉👍

One should never apologize for doing the right thing.

One should make amends for not doing the right thing when they had the chance.
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@pcfilmz @TimsNewAndUsed Love this conversation Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing! I too agree that honesty is always the best policy, definitely. 

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Identify a need & offer a solution that nobody else offers or provide a solution in a way that nobody else offers.
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A very successful business man once told me you have to spend money to make money which is true thats how I started my online business. I was in debt and I needed to figure out a way to make money fast to pay it off so I decided to spend or invest money on some products to sell and honestly the first few times it didnt go so well until my third try. I did lots of re search and in 6 months I paid off my debt which was $5000 by the way. So what I learned from all that is if you’re going to spend money use it wisely. If you want to start your own business you have to spend money whether its savings, which I recommend, or spend what you dont have, which is what I did and although it worked for me It is risky but I’m greatful I had God on my side to help me through it all and for providing for me.
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Thank you learning how to do things