Best way to sell women's apparel?

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I have recently acquired a large amount of both Women's and Children's Apparel. I'm new to selling apparel. I've been doing some research but could use some good advice.
The apparel is new and most have tags. Range in sizes, brands, styles and designers.
Wondering if it's best to sell piece by piece. Or as a lot of 25 or 50 items? Not sure how to make up a lot.
And since they are new items again most still have sales tags on them. How much do I take off from the original selling price?
Any help, suggestions, comments will be appreciated. Thanks
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Plenty of advice. List them separately, women are picky shoppers with unique size preferences, etc. Presumably you paid only about 25% of the going price for the apparel (standard for wholesaler vs retail price in apparel), and you are selling pictures I imagine that generally require a little leap of faith on the buyers part at least the first time they buy from you. So I'd start off low like even 50% max 60% vs what these items might garner elsewhere -- you should be pleasantly surprised you will soon have a loyal following searching through your OfferUp and perhaps eBay "Closet" with plenty repeats. I never buy more than one item online until I know quality level but when I find something I deem a deal, I'm clearing out the proverbial shelves, if you will. Good luck!