[Bug] Blocked User's Icon Showing up on Item Offers

Level 1

I blocked a user after he messages me on every item I list and have listed asking "Is this stolen?" in order to harass me, and even so when I post a new item and he messages me on this offer, even though I don't see his message in the messages section, I still see the circular icon of his profile below the item title in the Selling part of the Offers section. 


I'm wondering if that is a bug, or if it can be implemented to be removed, because it is kind of aggravating to keep seeing their presence even after I blocked them.

Level 9
I can’t fix that problem but... that’s creepy. Maybe archive the items and repost them so you don’t have to see his ugly mug.
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Level 9
It just means he is continuing to message, but you don't get them. I have a few of these silly bobble heads. So annoying.
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I just went through this with another user. I had to have offerup support unblock him and then I had to reblock him. Hopefully this helps you.
Level 9
@RevivalGypsy 😂 bobble heads