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How can i start a buisness on line.
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Hello @Whypaymore

Offerup is a great place to start a business.

Start here Running a successful business on OfferUp.

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@Whypaymore Welcome to the Online Community! Thanks so much for sharing that link @Shupat. That's a great place to start and make sure to check out the other threads in the forum Smiley Happy I'm also sure other community members would love to offer some of their own advice. 

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Hello @Ireller28


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@Whypaymore, Welcome to Community Forum. Thanks for sharing your ideas, what type of things are you try to sell? If its a type of services you do than not allow on OfferUp app.

It required you have something physical items you can take pictures of it.

Do check out others members latest post in this Community Forum. What are you using OfferUp app for buying or selling?