Cautionary warning how you get shortchanged on combined shipping

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I'm SO glad everything ended up working out, @Starwarsdan (PS - love the username!!)


I've passed on your feedback to our payments team so that this doesn't happen in the future. Apologies for the inconvenience on that transaction! Thanks for the update Smiley Happy

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Been selling casually on Offerup for years.
I actually moved up to a mid level volume seller of hobby, toy, collectibles, now, albeit mostly on my website and Ebay.
I JUST had a buyer purchase 2 items separately from me , not a frw moments ago, and was thinking, ok.. how can I combine ship, ( as it would save Everyone money on shipping costs- the buyer, and myself really)
Although i find Offerup a useful app most times, YES, They totally need to implement more features for sellers who do sell by shipping often.
I know creating fearures for apps is sometimes easier said than done, but, Offerup, this would ONLY help increase bottom line for you as well!
The ectra cost paid to ship more than one item to the same buyer, is totally a waste of resources, not to mention, it probably deters a lot of potential buyers from purchasing on here as well.!
So yea, OFFERUP, lets get on the ball. If you are going to start adding new features like SHIPPING, which wasn't available before, why not continue to improve and upgrade , so sellers can do more business.
~ Uniq- GeeK